Monster Hunter Trailer




They are currently showcasing the character on Twitch


First Big Body Waifu. Definitely lots of Soki vibes with her. That sword takes up the whole screen when she holds it up. I’m ready for the big waifu.


Seriously, can we get this section to have the subtitle “UNGGAWAIFU FOR UNGGALAIFU”?


It’s crazy how much better this model and the other later models (like Jedah) look vs the shitshow that is Morrigan or Dante.


          U N G G A W A I F U  
        / N               / N  
      /   G             /   G  
    /     G           /     G  
  /       A         /       A  
U N G G A W A I F U         W  
N         A       N         A  
G         I       G         I  
G         F       G         F  
A         U N G G A W A I F U  
W       /         W       /    
A     /           A     /      
I   /             I   /        
F /               F /          
U N G G A W A I F U    


So it looks like she has a command roll/command dash that’s also invincible

pretty cool


Easily the best looking model in the game.


This is so weird. As a MH fan I adore how they translated her into this game. And her moveset and tools are really what I like in fighting games. But she’s DLC so I’m kinda salty about that.


Theory-crafting some possible synergy with Jedah/Space. Either using her as a meat shield with her hyper armor sword special, tag into Jedah, space xx eviscerate scythe which will hopefully catch the opponent on hit, or keep them locked down on block, or pulling them into Jedah’s scythes then tagging into her to set up her slower armored normals/specials.



She’s definitely my shit


Hopefully there is enough interest with this character to get some activity in a character thread lol


Maybe if y’all actually start posting stuff.


nice combo from jwong


Any good bnb consistent? Her damage is really low and without partner its really hard to get in.


Look at her tools

She isn’t ment to get in she’s a mid/long range character if you’re getting in you’ve probably made a mistake

Her damage is exactly the same as everybody else’s tbh


ok then how you beat people who zone you out ? her fireball suck and movement suck. Try fight against rocket raccoon or hawkeyes solo


I’ll post my bnb today when I get home from work. Her damage is a bit higher than what I’m use to actually

Use armor and her jump arrow


You can armour through projectiles from half screen, or reflects them in Hawkeye’s case

You gotta play her like a big body and pick spots and be patient can’t expect to just rush in and rush down with her