Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


Yeah, this is one of the most addicting series ever. I’ve played through so many of the MH titles and I am amazed I am not bored of starting new characters each time a new game gets released.


Haven’t come up here for a while, happy to see there are still people keep this thread going. Just up dated krazykone123’s info to the front page. Keep it going people :slight_smile:


Im kinda sad theres not sub monsters like pink rathian and all that stuff.



Im hr20


just in case anyone is playing without a keyboard, fryes has a decnt mini usb keyboard for ten bucks right now.

so go get one.


Hey guys, what is a good Pierce + Status effect gun?
Leaning towards the Pierce side, status as secondary.


I got a new personal best today. Killed Jho solo 14:05 as a gunner.

More details here:
MH3: Solo Devil Jho 14:05, Killed (Gun) - Blogs - Shoryuken


I’m sure there has been a much faster bowgun run than 14:27, I remember reading about such a run and how it was pretty much nonstop headlocking

Might’ve been an exaggeration though. I never saw the vid, and even ken wasn’t able to manage a headlock on jho in his 5 minute lance vid


been farming lagiacrus for 2 days now, hes a seriously so much easier if you SnS him. Ive been just using the hypno knife and sleepbombing his ass. I really need to get 1 god damned lagia plate and its not dropping ( i think ive downed 20 of them in 2 days ). :frowning: profound sadness.


Thats too bad bro. They naturally have a 6% percent drop rate and it goes to 9% when you wound his horns. All I can say is wound his horns, cut his tail off cause its a 4% carve rate there, and look for shiny drops about 2% there.


the funny thing is ive gotten 3 rath plates during 1 sitting online all off of tail carves before.


Never got a rath plate until I got to High Ranks where the drop rates are higher lol. I managed to carve 2 from his tail o_0

This game gives you things when you don’t want them. Ambition filters ftl

I might be playing this today.


I like to use Rathling +/Jhen Cannon/Chaos Wing. Unfortunately, Chaos wing can’t be obtained until you fight the HR5x urgent. At low rank, you’re better off using something with the Barozooka Barrel and Rathling Frame :x. I’d highly recommend getting the Jhen Cannon and Rathling + frame asap.


Edit double post for the first time :confused:


Cool, thanks for the heads up. I haven’t been on as much, but I have a lot of stocks, a lot of barrels, a few frames, and 4/5 of Uragaan+
IIRC, my best gunner talisman is a 2 slot Precision 10+, but my blademaster talismans aren’t nearly as good.


got my full set of lagiacrus armor today.

So what is your guys opinion on the SnS? All i hear online is how its the lowest damage and worst weapon type. But I really like it, with djinn i can destroy all the early monsters in absurd time ( 2 minute flat Great jaggi, 6 minute royal ludroth ). The first time i even attempted barioth with SnS i dropped him in 13:50, which is alot faster then my hammer or Gs times.

It seems like if you can drop the early monsters that quickly it wouldnt be hard to do the later monsters with it in fast times, I know some of the limitations are no true ESP and the damage per swing is terrible. But i think with the right armor set and SnS you could really do work.

I was thinking critical eye +2 would be an awesome armor skill since your hitting so much, if you combine that with the final ice SnS (Nardebosche??) youve got 60% affininty. That paired with element up and sharpness would be brutal.


Once you get Sabretooth G you’ll probably never touch Nardebosche ever again lol

amazing among lances, and god among ice weapons


What’s up, guys? I just got MH3 today but, I’m in no way new to the series.

Name: Phantom


I haven’t played this in like a month or so, so I forgot my ID. So next time I boot it up, I’ll give my info. All I remember is that last time I played I was around HR100 or so.


Quick Question:
I play on an HD TV and this game doesn’t look nearly as good on it as it does in the IGN review. I looks kind-of blurry… Will buying HDMI Component cables for the Wii increase the quality at all? Thanks in advance.