Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


from what ive seen fuck no. Stay away from those cords, they make everything look jaggy and like shit. I havent tried them with monster hunter but they seriously made every other game i tried look like shit.


Wow, that sucks. Are you sure you didn’t forget to change the Wii display settings to HD?

BTW, who’s still playing this? I wanna add some of you to my friends list…


When I play on my HDTV I use component cables.(Blue, Red, etc… right?). And I have to say the game looks fine.

I haven’t played in a month or so, but I’ll gladly play some games if anyone feels like it (Granted I have some time).


I was on last night, and I should be on later tonight as well.
I’m still grinding for Jhen+ parts, as well as Ala and maybe Gigginox+ soon.


i just got to high rank last night, everything hits really hard. The actual festival of fear quest makes me regret doing the stupid event quest one.


double post.


For just getting into High Rank, I used Peco+ and gemmed it all up to Defense Up (Large)

That helped out a LOT, and you can heal other players as well with Wide Range +2

Afterwards, it depends on which weapon you are maining.
I was maining GS, so I was grinding up for Dober. By the time I finished getting armor spheres for Dober, I got Vangis, and then got spheres for that.

Currently my main armor is Jaggi Mask with Dober everything else, with Anguish §
Skills: Great Luck, Marathon Runner, Dragon Res +20, Critical Draw

I’ve got 2 complete sets of gunner armor, but I’m just learning to gun. I suck at gunning.


i’ll definitley have to try that out since im having a hell of a time since i end up doing everything on my own since good groups are hard to come by.


Just look around for a group that’s farming Wyvern Stones from R.Ludroth. You’ll be HR40 in no time if everyone is carrying their weight, don’t even need a high rank armor set for it.


Sup guys.

My brother and I just started playing this game about a month ago. We are both around HR14, and have previous experience in the series. We usually play all night on Fridays, and sporatically through the week as work and school dictates. Here are our names, I’ll edit my post with our ID’s when I get off. Anyone up to hunt with us tomorrow night? Send me a pm! Oh, my plan is to use SnS(status) or LS(elemental), and yes, I do use a keyboard :).

Name: U-Volt

Name: Drakus


You guys should give Ronnie a shout, I think he’s HR 400+
I really want to play, but I’ve been insanely busy with schoolwork, I barely sleep let alone play video games, so I won’t be on until Christmas or so.


Holy shit, I had no idea HRs went beyond 100 in this game (which I still don’t have, but want).

That’s crazy. Man, by the time I finally get this game, and a black Wii for that matter, servers/rooms
will probably be empty. sigh I still play my MH/PS2 from time to time but it pisses me off that
it’s not online anymore. ARGH.



Anyone want to help me and my brother with our Jhen Urgents? We both hit 30 recently.


I’m down to help anyone who’s chill and easy going.
Check out my sig for the info


^Dah fug?

Stop playing that game, you finished it already. There is nothing more to do :lol:


And yet it’s ok to play the shitty console version of team fortress over and over?
pfft … get tha’ fuck outta here.


^That’s why I stopped.

Collectively, you still have more hours in Monster Hunter than I do in both PC and Xbox TF2 games combined.


MH is a VERY addictive series. Even when you do finish all the missions, for some reason there’s always more to do. Playing with friends makes it even more fun.


Oh I know, I have MH. I just got bored after 100 hours


Source: Capcom-Unity: Monster Hunter Montage by Team Evil

This is an awesome Monster Hunter Freedom Unite video showcasing LOTS of skilled timed attacks, movement, and even teamwork.

  • Starts with a long introduction of the anime-fan-video variety.
  • Showcases lots of perfectly timed strongest strikes of attack sequences (ie. Golf Swings, Full Charges, Upswing Full Charge, etc…).
  • Some perfectly timed back-turned strikes.
  • Showcases some snazzy sidestepping sequences with perfect timing.
  • After it goes on and on with the solo stuff, it suddenly busts out some awesome teamplay coordination–probably the strongest sequences you would see in game attacking the same exact target (ie. everyone attacking the head).

The video sort of has the whole “Deathnote 2nd Opening Vibe” which probably isn’t for everyone. But it’s an awesome Monster Hunter video :slight_smile: