Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


Hi, looking for people who play on weekends frequently, or are willing to schedule times to hunt. Name is AXEL KAI and i’m online almost everyday if i’m not playing something else. Just pm when you wanna play and I’ll most likely come. Oh, if we do play I need to beat the Alatreon for my urgent first. :sweat:


Don’t play Tri with R l C. He’ll hax your garbage file and upload the Da Vinci virus.


New trailer for MH3 Portable has Deviljho, Barioth variant, and Narga variat.

I was waiting for them to announce Jho before I decided to get it.


That’s good to hear. The more monsters, the better. Any news about the Raths’ variants returning or the Elder Dragons?


bleh, is anyone playing on the wii anymore? I’ve been getting back into it from a long break but I need some people to play this game with. playing with kids who don’t know wtf they’re doing is too annoying and half the time makes me go play something else.

Ingame ID is: 9Xj9MQ


I’m pretty low rank online, but I’d love to play with someone who doesn’t mind helping me with the laggy urgent quest. : )


I can play with people if we manage to coordinate when. My PS3 is on a lot, I suppose I might be reached that way.


Name: KiDe
HR: 74

I am willing to help people out with any quest. You have to pm me or e-mail me for the assistance because I do not get on often.