Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


I’ll post mine later but game is fun so far


The way it works is that if you try to add somebody on your friends list, they have to reply with an add request as well. Once you do that, the name of the person will come up on the Friend Roster. If you or a friend is not online, you won’t be able to add each other.

Here is my info:
Name: Joshua
ID: X677QR

A good way to get in touch is to use the XBL Party chat, I been using that with a group of friends.


SSF4 comming out tomorrow :slight_smile:
I will use that chance to add people from xboxlive and PSN!
Add me if you guys like some fight too! :slight_smile: I order SSF4 on both system lol


Yeah feel free to add me for Super on ps3. I’m terrible at Monster Hunter but can hold my own in street fighter.

PSN ID: Damage1


good to see some ppl play this from srk. my name is: Victor, i’ll have to look up the rest of my info when i get on later.


I guess nobody going to reply here for a while since SSF4 is OUT!!!
YES!!! I just got my copy >_<!!! but I am stucked in the office :frowning: I need to get out of this office or quit my job lol
And since this is a MHTri forum lol let me talk something about MHTri
I finally got to 5Star rank in offline mode! man! talk about fun! This is when it gets really interesting!
However I wish they can make offline and online connect together that I don’t need to do all low level quest all over again to level up my HR :frowning: oh well … MH is known to be a game that you have to spend hours to get something good from it!
MH + SSF4 = FTW!!!


I wouldn’t mind playing against you guys in SSF4.

Send a message or friend request on XBL. We can get some Monster Hunter3 games going too.


Slash Ax is god tier


I’ll post up my info when my character gets better equipment, this game is great


ya the switch-axe feels quite effective.
neutral x in axemode feels awesome, has great hitbox which includes behind you, and is very reliable at getting headshots. While sword mode has fluent attack strings that can sweep almost all around you.

Anyways, i wish we could just add eachother without both being online at same time. and playing online will require me to work my way up through quests again while leaving singleplayer half-done…I got SSF4 now too so if anyone wants to play either game feel free to add me.


Let me hear it from all my hammer peoples!

Does anybody else’s equipment not match at all? I look pretty ridiculous at the moment…

Oh, does anybody know when you’re supposed to be able to obtain the skill that let’s you change your equipment color?


Yeah my character also looks like he’s just been kicked through a costume shop, just chucking on whatever possible atm.

So far the switch-axe seems good (love the upswing and burst) but the lance seems really strong, I mean it basicly lets you stay up in a monsters grill most of the time and the fact that you can use the counter to cancel some of your attack’s recovery and block quicker than just holding R is pretty cool too. (As well as being able to chain from the afformentioned counter)

Will tri to stick my details up sometime but I’m not sure weather european and american servers are the same or not.


I always use the full set and then work hard for the next full set I want for different monster and use.
I am still wearing Great Jaggi Armor and upgrade it to the highist level I can offer. It gives you Attack up (s) Halve Stun and Gourmand, After I boost it’s Stun to +16 now I am Negate Stun/Prevents stun and +15 Gluttony= make me from Gourmand(Items that raise maximum Stamina only sometimes work) to (Scavenger)Increases efficiency of items that raise maximum Stamina. It is a ok armor for all the quest I have been through so far, only got killed twice from my 1 star quest to 5 star offline quest. and never let me failed a single hunting quest.
I love SA as well, however, It’s burst kills sharpness way too fast, I have to bring 20 whetstone for a 2+ monster quest and might not even be enough if you want to keep it sharp. After I switch to a ok Hammer I can finally made “Numbingbird
” It gives good stun power and also paralyze, breaks monster parts like they are make from the mud. 10 Whetstone is enough for 2+ monster quest.
I beleve Monster Hunter is a game you have to switch weapon for different monster most of the time just like rockman lol
We should just master all weapon and become the best monster hunter :slight_smile:

Answer to 10X I believe you have to level your HR in offline mode to 4 Star to unlock equipment color, I think that was when I unlock mine.
and To Iduno I am sorry Euro and U.S. don’t share servers.
And again check here for a lots of good information for MHTri


Alright. It’s nice to see some Monster Hunters in SRK. Ummm…Oh yea. I need to put my Wii code up. :rofl:

I use a lance (Gasp), which has been greatly improved since MHFU.

Right now I’m using Jaggi Armor aslo. Just not upgraded. I tend to hang on to my armor spheres. :sweat:


Yeah I haven’t use lance that much sine it is a bit slower on killing monsters but it is the best weapon for tank player lol I really wonder if I stand right behind a lance use will monster still crush me with their body? I think it will, but they can block fireball for me lol
I believe it will be fun to play with players who use lance in online play :slight_smile:


Name: Adeleine

Great Sword.


I use all melee weapons except LS, but I specialize in hammering most monsters.

Name: Meruto
ID: T66Y6G

You can usually find me in Open > Valor 4 > City Gate 25 power grinding a few of my friends that are new to MH. So far my only armour sets are Full Jaggi and Qurupeco, fully decorated for Quick Sharpen. Got 3/5 Barroth pieces, and I’m aiming for Rathalos and Agnaktor armour. I like to collect equipment lol.


I have this on my psp and I love it. I’m defiantly going to pick this game up after my finals. cheers


:slight_smile: good to see more and more people join us :slight_smile:
I am still happy that SSF4 found me last week :slight_smile: we had good time on MHTri
I almost use 90% of my time to play MHTri but SSF4 now lol
Just got to HR13 and it is getting really fun now :slight_smile:

Name: Azarni


I know what you mean man, this game is worth every penny and the online play on is just superb

lol I just got to HR5, I’ll post my info later