Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


Those were some good hunts the other day Nine Life Cat.

Regarding playing SSF4… havent played it much since i got it on release day because i enjoy MH way to much …and hate how Gen lost several important tools, with apparently insufficient additions to compensate (still waiting on freaks to find out the next “MK. hands” haha).

Anyways, i continue to try to add ppl from this thread to MH friends list, but only managed to find Nine Life Cat online recently.


yeah lol I found my self enjoy MH much much more than SSF4, SSF4 required more time in training and target combo with timings now. I am not crying for the change but MH is just more fun to play with friend online even you might not know who you play with.
I usually wake up and turn on my xbox 360 for one to two rounds of SF4 online play and now it became MH for a quick quest lol it pumps me up for the whole day!
Lets play some more this weekend xOriginalx13! what is your HR now? we need to fight some bigger monster lol lately I am trying to play some offline to make some better weapon :slight_smile: since I can’t go to Volcano in online mode yet O_O


This game is insanely addicting, hit HR32 last night and im on the [advanced] quests now! Im loving the Jhen Mohran fight! Ill post my info up in alil bit for anyone down to kill stuff!


Hey guys
HR 23 , working thru 5* offloine.

nasir: Nasir

we also have an IRC channel on EFNET #srkmh3

come hang out/idle with us. we need more people


Here’s the general discussion thread


How do you level up HR?
I’m still a noob at this game, hahah


Oh awesome

Your HR (Hunter Rank) goes up as you do online quests whether if your doing them by yourself or with other people, when your HR goes up it opens up more quests for you which then allows you to go newer tougher areas, get better materials, make better weapons/armor etc, boss runs/capture quests tend to be the fastest ways to make your HR go up so as long as your with a good crew it should never really be an issue

here’s my info, I’m about HR lvl 8

Name: Eve Nifl


I’m only at about HR13. I kinda get carried away farming for stuff in games like this… have been doing it offline mostly. If i’m not playing MH this weekend its probably cuz im letting my younger bro get his fix on it lol…

a couple questions:
1.Anyone know if there is a trick to beating Jhen moran?
2.any SRK thread yet for MH IDs ?


man HM tri seems like a half assed beta compared to monster hunter unite.

BUT its still MH so it’s still fun :woot:

if anyone has a computer next to their Wii on the ventrilo in my signature we have a few SRK members there that already play MH tri when they are not up for SSF4. Hop on if you can as it is always better to be screaming at each other on mics then typing shit out.


1.Anyone know if there is a trick to beating Jhen moran?
2.any SRK thread yet for MH IDs ?

for the first question, I haven’t get a chance to fight Jhen moran yet O_O but from my history knowledge with MH with PSP
The best way is with either +fire or +dragon weapon with bombs.

And I changed the first post as a MH ID thread now :slight_smile: keep it coming everyone :slight_smile:
I almost check this thread everyday, so send me your MH ID!


Name: Rin

Still not online much yet, but there it is.


just ordered this game, it has shipped =).

Why ppl hating on it? :frowning: MH Unite is good, but does this really pale in comparison? …hmmm…

anyhow, i got the wii black classic controller to go with it :open_mouth:


Name: FreezerB

I’m away from my Wii right now and I’m pretty undergeared. I think I stopped at Switch Axe and Rheno set. I have to do the Gobul urgent quest and I’m kinda intimidated by it since Barroth took a while for me with my gear.

Haven’t been online yet besides to compare it to the PS2 version I used to fiend.


Hi Im HR 32 SnS / LS user MH tri is keeping me away from SSF4 >< be kool to play with some srk members

Name: Prez


Unite had more monsters and armor than Tri does. I hear that the next one (Portable 3rd) is going to feature Tri monsters too.

Anyway, I am HR 31 now, still looking for some Rathalos pieces. Shame that there isn’t a Rathalos quest on 4 stars.


prez noooooooooo


yeah I just got to HR 31 too :slight_smile: a lot things to do O_O need more money and more farming >>
Not much time to play Monster Hunter Tri already and haven’t even touch my both SSF4 on PS3 and XBOX360 for two weeks already O_O;;;;;
I want to play Guy more >
> and make his stronger ><;;; but still … I think I will still play MHTri for other full week until I really get tired of the farming >>
And for all the information go Monster Hunter Wiki (Just google it) it has all the old and new info about Monster Hunter.
Lets go Hunting!


Need wii so I can get Monster Hunter… BAWWW


I love farming…you can call me Chinese, but I blame my love of farming on Ragnarok Online…the game was a horrendous grind, that made players so crazy that they come to enjoy it !!

Anyways, this is long overdue…Ill be playing this monday for first time, hit ya’ll with my info then ~


yes :slight_smile: more MH fan! :slight_smile: hey Kech good to see you here, I read some of your post before because I am a Guy lover too lol post your name and ID when you can I will update it on the first page :slight_smile: