Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


hehe thanks cat!! will do~!!!


Yo lets go i just got this game and its sickk PM if u wana play some of this.


So yeah my Wii doesn’t read disc’s anymore (this is my second Wii by the way) so I can’t play Monster Hunter Tri anymore, and I obliviously can’t copy my data to a SD card since it’s write protected or whatever

obligatory response


OMG O_O that sucks … I am so sorry to hear that …


If you soft mod your Wii you can transfer the files


I’m trying to but I’m having a lot of trouble trying to get this crap to boot up, gonna go look for a youtube Tut or somethin’


Hey just got this a lil while ago and like HR 10…I’m still learning but It’s alot of fun

Name: Ketchy
ID: 7BZ23M

Hit me up on SRK, or send me a message on Tri, hope to play with you all!


You finally update your infomation here Ketchy O_O I have been checking everyday.


argh freaking Rathalos and Diablos are so hard
I’m using GS, still playing offline

And I’ve killed/captured almost 15 Rathians and STILL no Rathian Plate


lol usually you have to kill them about 100 times to get one :slight_smile:


Getting any material of any sort is at least 20 times easier than trying to get that perfect 2 slot Evade+7 charm lol


I’m about to pick this up.

Can you use either the classic controller and the GC controller, or just the Classic controller? Cause I might as well pick up a classic controller while I’m out if I can’t use a Gamecube controller.


GCN controller doesn’t work.


Got my Wii and ready to play hunter with srk folks.

Im not a newbie hunter im a veteran been playing MH since PS2. Ill drop my info later about to go pick up my copy of tri.


Ok. I picked up a Classic Controller anyways. Thanks.

I’m digging this game so far. I need to hop online soon…


AQURGD! Is my code hit me up for hunting folks.


Ok, after capturing about 25 Rathians, I got my plate.

Any advice on killing Rathalos or Diablos quicker and taking less damage?


Ok, my online stuff



Just hit HR 20

I’ve been maining Bowgun, most of the time…but just recently switched over to GS…very fun, and im getting the hang of it!

We have to start some kind of SRK group thing, let’s build a clique of sorts =)


Try to bring Dragon+ weapon for Rathalos and also traps with flash bomb, two trap is good enough because after second time on each trap they get off really fast. Flash bomb is more useful, use it when Rathalos flying in the air and shooting fire ball, facing the same direction he is shooting at the throw flash bomb right under or a little behind him. 100% easy way to get him drop from the sky. He will get out of dizziness fast each time, but if he drop from the sky, it always a bonus time. cut tail or break parts all yours! Diablos, best weapon is ice lance or team member with hammer to take his stamina down fast, it will slow him down and fall easier, but the most important is to bring sonic bomb. use it when he dig into the ground, however, you need to remember, don’t use it when he get mad, it wouldn’t work and you will just wasted your sonic bomb. The best part is, every time you trap him with bomb, it seems always trap him in the sand for the same amount of the time. and one more tip, get him crash into objects will make him stuck with his horn in there, good time to him them for free! not working after you break both horn.