Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


And everyone’s information is updated!
I am HR 50 now btw :slight_smile:


Nice, nine life cat~! =)

btw where do i get these shards for worn/rusted weapons? Do i just mine in the Volcano?


Yo, I tried to all all of you, but none of you were on
Pls try to add me when you can

HR 4 currently, lol, but I’ve been playing offline

Ketchy, yup, you mine at Volcano. It’s pretty much luck


You can get them from mining in Volcano for sure, low Rank you get rusted from rustshard (only) and high Rank area you can get rustshard from most of the secret area from each map but Worn weapon you can only get it from high rank Volcano after you got Ancientshard from mining. Most of the time rustshard will turn into a Iron+ weapon (I will say 80% to 90% you got iron+ weapon) and same to Ancientshard, 80 to 90% chance you will get Crystal Path weapons.

However, there are still ways to get them without mining, quest reward with Diablos, Agnaktor, Uragaan, Devilijho, Ceadeus, and Jhen Mohran some time gives you (almost 70 to 80%) rustshard (Both Rank) and Ancientshard (High Rank only)

Other than those ways above, the best way is event quest “Poached Wyvern Eggs” good money and tons of shards reward! but I am sorry >> you guys already missed it >> since it was open from 5/28/10 to 6/04/10. However, since it required HR31+ you might not even there yet, it will open again some time next month, so just work hard and get your rank up to 31+! :slight_smile: Good luck.


I used to play a lot but this month I have more things to do >_> so I might not be online most of the time O_O I will try to help you guys if I found you guys (or you found me) online :slight_smile:


yooooo some of you guys play with me, cuz there are a lot of ppl that goof off online ughh.


I will when are you on and what times? Get at me on AIM or something.


I’m usually on at anytime between 8pm-11pm PST, usually.
The only other SRKer that I’ve found is SSF4, but he’s too high ranked for me. I’m grinding to get to HR 18, and then I can finally grind for Diablos/Rathalos armor with another HR friend of mine.


just got to HR9 yesterday. anyone down to play today? i’m just playing offline right now. my name on there is Victor.


I’m always down to play!

Name: Lil Sean


Thanks for the tips man, they all helped ~~ Once you do a bunch of bosses, you can take note of what others do to get them stunned/impaired for free hits, and really do well during monster hunts…to learn a boss, just gotta do it over and over again :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna play w/ everyone :smiley: I was grinding diablos armor / giginox, but i think its pretty useless too since high rank is nearing, and all my low rank gear won’t matter anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways i’ll be able to play in a day or two :slight_smile:


I’m sooo pissed at scrubs right now.
I helped this guy level to 18, then I FINALLY get to fight Diablos to get his damn armor
And the scrub dies on me, when Diablos is almost dead.
I’m so angry right now, wasting my time and potions and supplies.

On Sunday it was even worse. For 2 hours straight, everyone who I played with (none of my friends were on) was fooling around or a scrub. Didn’t follow mission, did their own thing, just kept dying, or just quit in the middle of the quest.
What the hell man.


It gets better once you’re at HR18-30. Then worse for some reason at 31-39. :rofl:

Are you sticking to HR Grinding rooms and staying out of the Open server? I had mostly good experiences at 1-30 staying in the Rookie server and looking for HR Grinding rooms.

Also, don’t ever agree to a Volcano quest with a group you’ve never worked with before, everyone just cuts out and goes mining while you fight Rathalos by yourself.


Nice av Sleaz

gonna either get me a new wii or hack my old one because I want to get back to playing MH:Tri already


I’m HR 22 or 23 now, I got the help from a friend last night so I finally have my Diablos/Rathalos armor, fully upgraded.
Critical Draw + Attack Up (M), so that is good.
Sleazoid, what is your Tri name+info?


Sleazoid, your avatar is the greatest thing I have seen all week.


The guy I borrowed a Wii from to play Tri took it back so I can’t play anymore :lol: I was pretty much finished with the game anyway.


When are some of you guys on? Ive tried adding some of you. But I guess no one is ever on…


Hey i havent posted here for some time due to network issues. i agree MH should be represented in MvC3 lol. i’ll hop on time to time to try to find some of u guys and help out if i can


nearly HR 30 :D, I;m telling ya all, let’s make some kind of crew and HR grind our way up up :wink: the event Q: “speak of the deviljho” has my favorite weapon in the game…haven’t tackled deviljho yet though =X