Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


My goal is to get Deviljho everything, including the Deviljho GS, and then quit the game.

That might take a while, lol


what HR are ya Endless, maybe we can get some grinding done tmr night ;]


Yoyo me and a friend of mine are lookin’ for 2 ppl that are willing to group like on a basis! and maybe show us a little bit about fighting some of the bosses =p

If you have XBL or AIM, it’d be nice :smiley: (Communication)


word sean ~ lemme know, cause I just hit high rank (31) and grinding all the Q’s again :slight_smile:


Yo Ketchy, I tried to add you tons of times last night, but I never saw you on.
I am almost at high rank, I just need to finish Festival of Fear and then I’ll be there.


Feel free to add me. I’m usually on every night PST. My forte is Bowgun, but I hammer for fun. I can break both Alatreon horns solo so I don’t mind helping out if you guys need Skypiercers. Also I don’t care if you are low rank, I’ll help out with any quest. I just wanna play with a fun group with chill people. I hate randoms who are bossy and greedy.

MH Name: Ronnie
HR: 160 somethin’ I forget

I’ll put the letters “SRK” in my profile tonight so you guys’ll know it’s the correct Ronnie.


Cool! So Ketchy and RC :D. Ketchy, will you be online tonite?

Edit: I’ll send both of you FR’s on XBL


That’s so weird, I was on all of last night…

After my class tonight, I’ll be on all of tonight (again) i’ll try to add all three of you, i’ll check back in this thread too ~ see you on tonight perhaps~!!


Damn, R/C is HIGH HIGH High rank! That’s the highest rank I’ve seen/heard of so far.

Ketchy: Whoops, my bad, I can’t read my own handwriting. I kept trying to add you as 7B223M instead of 7BZ23M. I wrote all the ID’s down cuz my computer is upstairs and my Wii is downstairs.

I’ll try to be on tonight, probably about 8pm PST.
I’m hoping to get 2 Deviljho Talons by the end of the “Speak of the Deviljho” Event Quest is over, so I can at least get Powertalon and Armortalon before the event is over. I don’t think I have enough time/skill/lifebar to fight Deviljho enough times to make a Deviljho great sword.

In case I’m not the only Deviljho fan around here, Monster Hunter Encyclopedia IV (Trading figures) will have Deviljho for the first time. I am probably going to pre-order 2 boxes, maybe.
Link to order


Yo Good hunts to VMT the other night. Sorry man, I was really sleepy so I wasnt really hunting to full caliber. I was jsut about to get off when you added me.


haha no worries, i’ll be on later than expected tonight, due to some visitors, hope to catch ya on, if not then tmr :wink:


I LOL at the friend request RC been getting :lol:

Dude is a CHAMPION.


Well… I just had the 2nd worst night of hunting yet.

Still stuck at HR 30, and basically only got 1 quest accomplished in almost 4 hours of play.

I completed the 3star powderstone quest, and I needed to Capture Uragaan to finish all of my 3star quests to finally get Festival of Fear.

I played Capture Uragaan 3 times, with different teams of people.

First team, people died and dropped out, and quest failed

2nd team, people started mining and dropped, I left the quest.

3rd team, very competent guys, but we killed Uragaan accidentally, and he didn’t limp or anything at all. They didn’t want to try again.

It was such a bad night it was funny.


Last night I finally got more time to play, and after I get off and came here to check you guys’ message. I went back on and add kech and R | C. I found Endless too but he was in the quest :frowning: maybe next time. One of my friend is HR 999 >_> he has no life and killed Alatreon more than 2000 times already … he pretty much play Monster Hunter all day since it came out. He play on the Japanese version before the U.S. Version too. I will get tired of it already. Anyways :slight_smile: hope to see you guys soon again!


Heyyy, sorry i couldnt be on to play yesterday, i basically popped on to try to add you guys, and i got two of you!@! (endless and 9life) haha, hope to play w/ you guys soon~~


It’s official 'cause it says so in my MH Profile Title. :rofl:

Aaron, Mariah and I completed the Deviljho event quest last night.
And that’s with Aaron dying twice and Aaron doing little damage. So basically it was just Mariah and I.

Get in on this event quest man. Get that Jho barrel.


I will try to get on. What time do you usually get on MH?


I usually sign on between 7-9 pm and go till 2am. Or just call my cell if you wanna play. That’s what Aaron does. lol


Sooo, only a couple more days left for the Deviljho Quest…we must get it done >< best I have is Qurupeco+ armor set, and i guess i can make the jhen SnS for dragon damage…anyways let’s do it tomorrow night possibly? we need all the help we can get!! Endless? 9life? High ranks? :]

gunna try to enlist R | C’s help as well!


Better to make Almighty Dahaka instead. Jho’s stomach always floats just inches above where you’re swinging :rofl: and if you aim for the feet you’re doing like 1/5th damage.

At least with the Dahaka you’ll set up paralysis for the team while hitting those chicken feet.