Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


I’m going to be on random times today, because I have a going-away party for a friend of mine tonight. I didn’t have the chance to go on last night because I was out.
Still HR 30. Hopefully I can get to High today, and then get Jaggi+ armor or something


makes sense :lol: thanks for the tip!!


Big thanks to Ketch, I got to High Rank last night.
I managed to “fight” Deviljho once seriously, and a few times summoned by Peco.

Yep, he whooped my team’s ass. He took of 75% of my life (full bar) with 1 hit
Grinding for Peco+ armor and probably going to put Defense Up gems into the slots.


I have bad luck trying to find you guys online. I’ve only got 9life and Endless and even when i try to group with them their city/server is full.


Hey SSF4, next time send me a message. So I know you are on. We can open a new room.
Same to other who has me in their friend list. Jut message me if I am not busy or playing with friends already. I am using Teamspeak on my laptop to chat with my MH3 friends so if I am on most of the time I am play with them. You guys want do make a new teamspeak channel for SRK members? that will be much easier. Google teamspeak3 and download it from their official website. Very easy to use.


Which one of you is “VMT”


That would be me. I’ll be offline for about a week, GF borrowed the Wii.


Sending my Wii out to get fixed, hopefully the data will still be there so I’ll be able to play Monster Hunter again in about 2 weeks


No wonder why I havent seen you online.


Wow, people still post here. Well, here’s my info

Name: Kanchi

I’m online quite often and at the moment I’m HR24 So… yeah. PM me if you wanna party up.


Heh I should be HR200 by the end of this week. I managed to solo Alatreon with hammer, broke both horns. With some more practice I can probably take out a wing too. Already done Jho solo with hammer, broke face. Next on my list is to kill high rank Jhen solo. Haven’t tried it yet.

My wife and I are working on a strategy to kill Alatreon in 20-30 mins while breaking both horns, both wings, and cut tail. Still in development, but I think we have a basic gameplan for it. Still gotta make the necessary armor set for it before we give it a try.

SugaFree, get in on this. I guarantee that the 3 of us can kill Ala in 10-20 mins. That’s 2000+ HRP per fight. My record with random people is 8 mins.


sup SirKanchi just update your info on the front page.
I will be on tonight but I need to do the Jhen event quest for his armor set and weapon :frowning:
I might be able to help tonight but next time.
I will try to add you guys once I log on. take care and see you guys soon :slight_smile:


Well I’m about to hit HR 50, also decided to main SnS…original, underated, lots of fun. Making a Status UP set (bhanabra for now, giginox later) and a Elemental Set (just finished my lagi+ set) also working on the various high rank ele swords, soo it’s been nice :slight_smile: I also sub GS though, just got epitath blade from the amazing wyvern poach quest, which i HEARTT <3333 , So i think i’ll make damascus set for GS’ing…punish draw+crit draw would be nasty…Anyways I wanna do some event Jhen for + parts :)! cmon ppl get on the monster hunter tri train :slight_smile:


^ Jhen event ended.



i wish they would update the calender, so that i can see when it’ll come back…


Hunter Rank 200 - Blogs - Shoryuken

Evasion+7, with 2 Slots - Blogs - Shoryuken


Coooongggrats R|C !!! And that is one sexy ass talisman!!


Best thing ever, armor generator

monster hunter 3(tri) weapon/armory generator

Man, without farming for Talismans, it’s going to be impossible for me to try to get Critical Draw, Attack Up (L) and Sharpness+1

I’m totally confused on what armor set I should go with next


If you guys haven’t noticed yet, 2 Lagia event quest is online. It gets you tickets to make a LS.


hello i am new to this site and i too am up for some hunting.

my ign is: Crimson
my ID is: 1PGMPK

i don’t really have a set time to be on but if you try to add me im sure you’ll find me… someday :slight_smile:
im hr 57 at the moment but i have lots of psp experience so dont be fooled by my lower rank

oh and gratz to R C for getting to hr 200