Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


Got my Wii fixed but my former data is on another Wii that’s still dead, anyway starting a new file for now so I’ll post my info later


I’ve invested nearly 800 hours in this already, and there has been wayyy too many times where funny/cool moments have gone by undocumented. So I decided to put a camera next to my t.v and start taking pictures of these moments. Here’s some stuff for starters:|-c/mh3-ronnie-plz-leave-1814/|-c/mh3-oh-god-pleeeease-1815/|-c/mh3-armor-set-charm-1816/

Hope this has been entertaining. I can post more if you guys are actually interested.


double post.
srk server is crazy slow during evo time


heh, i say post more, they were enjoyable :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen any of you on lately.

I finally got to HR 51 today, and actually survived Rage Match.
On regular Jho, other ppl died and I failed regular Jho 3x tonight, lol.


Random funnies:
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Armor sets I’ve seen online:
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Some armor sets I’ve been using lately:

Lance: Sharpness+1, Guard+2, Evade+1
Hammer: Sharpness+1, HGE, Focus, Item Use Up
Gun: Evade+1, Evade Up, Great Luck, Combination Pro
Gun: Evade+1, Evade Up, Good Luck, Trap Master, Bombadier
Gun: Evade+1, Evade Up, Normal S Up, Normal S +


/Rant ON

Ok, people SUCK when fighting Jho.
For crying out loud, COME PREPARED!!! ARGHHH!!!
I’ve fought Jho only a few times, about 10 times, and I’ve carted once, because I got hit by his armor drain saliva, and his side bite took off 75% of my full life

My success rate fighting Jho is like 30%, because everyone else keeps carting!!! ARGHH!!! :mad:
I’m always the guy that brings everything!!! Sleep meat, Bomb L+, both traps, Dung bombs, everything!

I play with randoms that SEEM good, with Ala or Jho weapons, but they still cart!!
And they don’t bring traps! At least bring traps!!!


/Rant OFF


Yeah I haven’t played much MH lately, i gotta get re-motivated :wink:


Well, at HR 58, finally did it, full Vangis + Anguish §
Got Critical Draw gemmed in as well, Stout Horn was a PAIN to get.
After I armor up Vangis to full, I’m probably going to switch to Lance or Longsword.

The hard part will be Ala runs for parts, hahahah. That guy scares me. Really high rank guys helped me on my Urgent 50


I’m lovin’ the Black Leather Pants. Easily one of the best single armor piece in the game. Took some practice, but with Adrenaline+2 I can solo Jho on average of 18 minutes (killed, not captured).

Also the Pants be stylin’


Excellent read, you guys will find this very helpful:

Monster Hunter Tri Item Probabilty Guide for Wii by Corfal - GameFAQs


I used to play monster hunter freedom unite like a crack fiend, for some reason i didnt even pick this up until last week.

How does online even work for the wii?

Since there is online is there any chance of new monsters being added? I was really sad to see theres no ash lungs or tigrexs or narcarugas… or that lighting ape whos name is escaping me right now.


The online mode doesn’t require friend codes. It uses a friend request listing system similar to xbox where u can send messages to friends online and warp to their location. You can also create lobbies with limited customization. It lacks a kick option so it’s common to run into unwanted players.

So far there’s no info about DLCs to add new monsters. Doesn’t even exist in Japan and they’ve had it more months before we did. Only DLCs are event quests that unlock additional armor/weapons. I was sad about not seeing many returning monsters too. This game will feel real small compared to unite.



So far its pretty awesome but so is every MH game, i like the switch axe a good bit, it looks bad ass and i love the ESP on the sword aspect of it. The lance seems like it got some cool ass improvements the charged upswing is beyond cool and my favorite thing so far about this monster hunter. I need to find low rank armor for aggro lancing though and im not finding too much.

Are the event quests always available to download or do they swap out like and have them be potentially missed?


The counter attack with lance is definitely a strong addition to the weapon. That plus the smaller monster hitboxes (makes evade easier) turns the lance into much more aggressive play style. There’s also the new step advance. I didn’t get into lance until recently, so I can’t recommend any low rank gear. But like all the other games, any set with guard+ or evade is great. Guard Up is really not necessary majority of the time.

Event quests are not available for download. They just appear. Yes they can be missed, but capcom cycles them.

I finally got around to checking my ID: HMUPWV (Ronnie)


lagiacrus is a fucking bitch the first time… damn. Anyone got any suggestions? Im rocking the ragged edge switch axe or the blue moon ( not sure if thats the name but its the light crystal and pelagacite ore lance )lance and he seems to just enjoy fucking me up for free.


Use a lance on Lagiacrus if you’re having trouble with him. Aggressive countering/dodging makes it much easier. If you’re fighting him underwater, I found that it’s a little easier to dodge his attacks if you’re below him. You can block all of his AoE lightning attacks without guard+ skills except for the really big one that hits twice if I remember correct. Use that to your advantage and get free hits in while he’s recovering.


I had good luck on him using a longsword(after MANY failed bowgun runs). his weakness is fire, and also, if you’re clever, you can avoid alot of attacks by cycling around his head and neck.


thanks for the tips guys hes still stomping me but i think im getting really close.


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