Monster Hunter Tri anyone?


getting lucky and having lagiacrus spend more time out of the water then in it is the difference between me not getting hit and getting carted.


I find that fighting Lagi above his head, or below him, around his lower tail area is the best. The main thing is to get a few hits in and run, at least for GS. I guess it’s obvious, but never be in front of him


Here’s a mini project I did:

I wrote a blog article on Monster Hunting Etiquette here:
MH3 - 10 Proper Etiquettes You Should Practice - Blogs - Shoryuken
It’s a long read, but I hope you guys find it useful.

Other projects I’m planning are:

  • Video recordings of me playing online with randoms, friends, solo
  • Video tutorials against monsters
  • More articles - some resourceful, some humorous


Nicely done, it was worth the read

I still need to post up my info but I’ll do it when I get to HR 20


Capped high rank Uragaan in less than 5 minutes tonight.
The setup was simple, but doing it for the first time was crazy, it went sooo fast

1 hammer user
3 Longsword users with Paralysis

2 pitfall traps

Trap, hammer stuns, LS paralyze, Uragaan gets stuck like forever
repeat again with 2nd pitfall trap

by the time Uragaan is out of the 2nd pitfall trap, you can cap him.

I think it was about 4:50
I’m sure there are other ways to beat him faster, but it’s cheaper resourcewise than sleepbombing


People are constantly giving me shit when they run into my fully charged GS swings online…? Wtf is that about thats some BS, its easy to see coming move dumb asses, no matter what your doing its not going to do more damage then my swing so just move?

Is there something im doing wrong, all i do is lvl 3 charges i never use that sweep attack or the upswing.


ohh is heavy bowgunning as good as it used to be in freedom unite? I dropped the arena barroth with the bowgun but it took me like 18 minutes, i was drilling his claws a majority of the time with water when he had mud and fire when he didnt.

Do peircing shots have damage mods like they do in freedom unite? like the farther the more it does?


ohh is heavy bowgunning as good as it used to be in freedom unite? I dropped the arena barroth with the bowgun but it took me like 18 minutes, i was drilling his claws a majority of the time with water when he had mud and fire when he didnt.

Do peircing shots have damage mods like they do in freedom unite? like the farther the more it does?


HBG is not as good as unite because there’s no more auto reload. You can still get a good HBG to spam normal 2s on small/medium monsters. On larger monsters MBG with pierce shots is where the damage is at, generally.

Yes pierce still has the same damage modifier. Sweet spot is roughly between 5-7 normal rolls away from the monster.


This is my first Monster Hunter game, but considering it has so far eaten around 280 hours of my life x_x (around the first half of my summer), I really don’t have any complaints about it even if it has less content than previous monster hunter games (then again, I never played those <.<). I don’t play this nearly as much, but it is still a fun game to come back to and I’m sorta playing now since the sandstorm is around and I am trying to make Jhen armor + for gunner. Yay for sandstorm reduced prices.

Heavy Bowguns actually take some time getting used to, but they are capable of doing a lot of damage if you can get used to the slow movement. If you don’t have a shield barrel or evasion though, you are probably going to die. And pierce damage does the most at around 2-3 rolls away. If you are too far, they’ll do less and if you’re too close, you might not get all the hits, but I guess it depends on the monster and the attack range of your bowgun.

If anyone wants to play with me, feel free to add me. ID is 23UNPL (Karma). I mainly use a Heavy Bowgun and I’m HR 83 o_o.


I really want to get into Bowgunning, but I gotta first learn to be competent with a Longsword and Lance first.
I think I have enough Uragaan+ parts for Urag+ Gunner armor, but I need to grind Jhen+ for Jhen Cannon.
I also need a few more Ala parts to upgrade to Ala Gleam lance, and hopefully get Dark Claw Demise LS as well.

I’m hoping that I can mine enough so I can get an Evasion Talisman, or some decent 2 slot talisman so I can continue to have Great Luck


Bowgunning is really fun with certain set ups. Namely rapidfire shots. Rapidfire pierce 2 is hella fun and damaging. It’s a good way to conserve ammo and not have to combine every quest. I can pretty much do dual monster quests and just my Pierce 1, Pierce 2, and Status shots are enough without needing to combine at all.

Also, I use Extra shot(from escadora), so I get an extra pierce 2 volley~ That’s around 360% damage from one bullet if you are aligned correctly and get all the hits from each bullet. It’s hot stuff.


yeah ive got rapid fire peirce 2 i just really want to do something like my old HBG set up from freedom unite, so this actually being able to move crap from having a medium bow gun is horse shit. Im going for the qurepco armor so i can get evasion which is my crutch that i absoulotely need to gun.

I dont get how a medium gun would do more with peirce? Are medium Bowguns the only way to rapid fire peirce shots or something?

I need to get to high rank shit now, this sucks all the low level people are terrible, i had 2 people last night with great swords just upswinging at me repeatedly. Then i had people getting carted every five minutes. Normally i would just solo shit but its so fucking expensive to get ammo its retarded.


Name: Rei Rox

I’m HR 30 at the moment wearing the Jhen armor set, need to do my urgent but I still have a about one or two quests left to do


Well the only part that can rapid fire pierce 2 is the jaggid fire frame. I personally use a medium bowgun for my rapid fire pierce 2 set up. It has bad deviation but I gem in Precision+2 to fix that. I forget my set up, but I’ll look it up later. It’s fully upgraded so the attack power on it is nice, too. I think it might of been Jaggid Fire frame, Needler Barrel, Barroth Stock.(Or maybe it was Diablos Stock I forget). But either way it should work.


thats ironicly almost exactly what im using but im rocking a shitty stock peice.

Damn i wish i werent so late to the party i would love to do some quests with all you guys.


Hm well that’s the cool thing about bowguns. You don’t really have to be making different pieces that much, as long as you keep upgrading your bowgun, the same set you use can pretty much keep working, specially if it’s a pierce gun.


god damn ammo costs get fucking absurd when jhen mohran isnt in town… sadness.

how long is it usually between jhen visits?


It’s like once a month or something like that… and it usually isn’t on the same date either. :confused:

But, it’s okay… at a certain point you won’t be needing cash THAT much, so you can just keep buying ammo. I really only use the ammo you can buy from the store, and I never bring combines with me. Because in my opinion… If you have to combine to get more ammo, it means the rest of your team isn’t doing their job and you are carrying them. Quests should be over by the time you’ve used up all your ammo, specially if you are using rapid fire pierce. That way, restocking ammo isn’t as expensive.


I havent played this game for a month or two. And yesterday i go back online for the heck of it after a late night at work. I didnt stop until about 5:30 am. This game has my soul no matter when i play it. Im still really low on HR because I stopped. :frowning: