Monster/Monster: Ancient Cline Discussion thread!

To phase the other thread out, I decided to make this one. I will update this post with all of the newest information regarding this game.

Official Monster Youtube page Our new monster interface

Monster IRC channel

Channel: #8105monster

Posting on the thread of my most hyped fighting game of 2008 (yeah, really so what?).

Posting in possibly epic thread. Its too bad about the demo Aya but tide us over with some sneak peaks!

It all comes to an end…and then begins again!

Looking forward to this game very much still, even if there will be no demo, August, and thus, Comiket, is only a mere month away now…

hype hype hype!

Needs moar kemono!

I just need time to speed up already. The sooner time passes, the sooner it will be Comiket, and the sooner this game shall be unleashed in full.

You never know with fighting games nowadays, this might be huge if the community shows enough support at the start to pull in people who usually wouldn’t bother just because the game really doesn’t require a strong computer to run (it’s mostly 2d and I’ve yet to hear anybody get slowdowns from the 3d particle effects) and we’ll be giving it a lot of community support with tourneys, wikis and videos =D

HYPE HYPE HYPE, little more than a month to go.

All aboard the hype train!

But really, I’m still very concerned about the new Aleksandr. (and to the lesser extent, Seilie)


I bet you Aleksandr will still be at the bottom half of the tier list still.

I really doubt any of the new characters will breach the top. Will probably be Katze, Ryougen and Siely at the top beasting hard and maybe Othello as well. This is just a guess without any knowledge of changes, but the upper echelons of the cast has always been those Katze, Ryougen and Othello and Siely popped in there later when she started getting buffed like crazy over multiple patches. It’ll be balanced enough to allow all characters to compete though if it’s anything like previous patches pre 1.11b which made Aleksandr the only character that wasn’t really playable anymore at a high level imo.

No demo?:sad:

I promised they would be as balanced as they can be, I cant promise that they will all be equal, that could never happen lol:rofl:

and no demo, I got a resounding no on that front. New screenshot of our new interface

lmao Katze’s face is hilarious.

Although, the art seems different - as if it’s not done by Shok.

Some of it seems to be done by a number of his friends…that art of Katze is the same one that was done by Katze’s creators for that “Desktop Background” pic that’s on the 8105 web site.

I hope that’s just place-holder art for the sake of the beta that they’re working with…

I recognized that art straight away. It was done by Katze’s creator.

He looks pretty insane in that picture. XD

Hm, I have a request that only one person on this board can comply to. I would like to know if new music is confirmed for the AC release and if one track could be released to us early.

Reason? I suddenly got an urge to start working on some music again and I thought it would be cool since we have a month to go I could remix a track to get something hopefully fitting for a combo video that will obviously be released soon after AC comes out because we’re all crazy like that.

yes there is new music, and the old music is being redone. I have some of the new tracks.

Weee, okay I have something now from Aya. Even though I have a feeling I’m going to get super lazy once I start getting picky with my samples, but who knows, least this will tide me over for a month.

I’m very glad to hear the old music is being redone. I hope that the first level’s theme sounds as cool as I’m expecting it to. That was one piece of music from Monster that stuck in my head like an arrow fired by an angry apache.

it was stuck in everyone’s head