Monsters Arcade Grand Opening Houston, TX 3/5-7 No Venue Frees!


Hi All! Thanks for checking us out! We just opened up this week on 13626 Veterans Memorial, and we are throwing an all out Tournament Weekend!

Madden 10 - Friday March 5th
Modern Warfare 2 - Saturday March 6th
Tekken 6, street Fighter 4, Soul Calibur 4, Smash Brothers - Sunday March 7th

1v1 Madden 10 will be played on 9 screens for Xbox 360. Register anytime on our facebook page or in person Friday 2pm-5pm. Tournament starts at 6pm. Registration is free and all our games are free all night. $100 1st place, $50 2nd, $25 3rd.

Modern Warfare 2 will be played by the official MLG Variant rules 4v4 on 10 screens for ps3.
$20 per team. No venue Fee!! Tournament starts at 2pm, registration is from 10am-1pm.

Sunday is our Fighting game exposition. We will be running 1v1 Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, smash Brothers Brawl

Tournament Rules

Street Fighter IV $10 XBOX

All characters are allowed and will be unlocked on all consoles
2/3 Rounds
Double Elimination
Prizes are 70/20/10 of entry fees

Tekken 6 $10 PS3

3/5 Rounds
Double Elimination
Prizes are 70/20/10 of entry fees

Soul Calibur 4 $10 PS3

3/5 Rounds
Double Elimination
Prizes are 70/20/10 of entry fees

Smash Brothers Brawl 2v2 $10 per team

2/3 Rounds
Timed Stock, 5 lives 10 minutes
Neutral Stages
No Items
Double Elimination
Prizes are 70/20/10 of entry fees

Im sure i am forgetting some things but cut us some slack, we’ve been working 2 weeks strait to get the place up and running. All games after the tournaments are over will be free to play, and we just want to get our place out there on the scene. Any questions, inquiries or concerns dont hesitate to ask. or call us at 281-397-8511. Thanks.


Damn, this place looks sick.

If I ever visit TX for some reason, I’ll be there.


Wow this place does look sick. Next time I visit Houston I’ll be sure to swing by to check this place out.



Some more info about this weekends tournaments. I know its short notice so we are goin to be doing a rehash (with more games, MVC2, GGX, SF3) on march 26-28. Anyone who shows up this weekend will have thier venue fees waved.


Seeing as how you guys are able to supply the consoles and tvs, we do not need to bring our own controllers, unless we so choose?
Any idea on turnout?
Depending on how well this pans out, planning on future tournaments as well?
I’m sure I"ll have more questions later, but I just wanna say, thanks for the new aracade, it looks sick, just like the gaming headquaters I had back in MO. I’ll be there Sunday, and I’ll definitively be there for SFIII later this month.


All Good questions. We encourage you to bring your own controllers but we will provide the regular xbox and ps3 controllers if you dont.
The turnout is pretty up in the air as far as i can tell so far. We threw this together pretty short notice so i can understand if people cannot make it out. The good thing is we will do a rehash of this tourney the last weekend of march and just showing up this weekend takes care of your venue fees for the next one. This tournaments turnout has no bearing on our future events. I know we just opened so im taking this weekends turnout with a grain of salt. The plan is to run different tournaments every week.
And thx for the compliments! I have to admit we are new to the whole tournament scene but we are all avid gamers and any suggestions yall have i will take them to heart.

THX, hope to see yall here!


This is this weekend? Super Street Fighter IV aint out until April…


You are correct. Typo there. I will edit the post. My bad.


nice!!! i might check this place out this weekend since i will be in houston


We should have Blazblue up for casuals on sunday too.


For the March tourney with MVC2, GGX, SF3, do you know what systems those will play on?

I’ll probably drop by tonight after my wife’s out of work. Monsters Arcade sounds promising. :rock:


GGX and SF3 will be on PS3 for sure. MVC2 and HD remix we will prob do one on each unless you guys just prefer one system over the other.


Update on the Brawl tournament tomorrow. If you want to use a gamecube controller feel free to bring one (infact we encourage it), but if you dont we will not supply you with one. We have standard wiimotes and classic controllers only! And if you plan on attending try to rsvp to the event on facebook so we can get an estimated count. THX!


What time do the games start on Sunday?


We open up at 12 and plan on starting around 2, but we can wait a bit for everyone to get here. We also closed the original facebook page and opened up a fan page because it made more sense. Don’t forget to become a fan! Also look forward for our official page to come up soon.


This venue is excellent. We had some issues with the bracket sorting but it’s nothing that cannot be corrected for the next tournament. I fully encourage everybody to come out to the tournament at the end of March, the turnout was 16 people for the first tournament which wasn’t bad. The couches are comfortable and the atmosphere is great. Minimal lag TV’s as well, and they are all standardized setups. The same TV is used on every setup.

For the next SF4 tournament, it seems like the players would like for it to be held on Sunday again, as it’s convenient for people including me. This prevents the tournament from conflicting with some majors that happen in the same weekend as well. Need to have all characters unlocked on both systems for the next tournament as well. :smiley:

Top 4 SF4 results off the top of my head:

1st. Jan
2nd. Four Wude/Adeel
3rd. Crow
4th. Winchester


back-to-back system links?..damn thats hot


THX Four! Im glad you guys liked it. We are all gamers since back in the day and we wanted to make a place where we felt comfortable with no age barrier. We dont care if you 8 years old or 80 we wanted something for everyone. All our PCs have the latest games. EVERYTHING is networked. On or MW2 and halo tournaments every team member gets there own screen in full 1080p. And yes back to back system links! Every station has both ps3 and xbox. We dont want to leave anything out. Please visit our facebook and become a fan!

We have taken the bracket and the unlocks to heart trust me and by the end of the month tournament (tentative name "Monsters Ball 3: Monsters Ball with a Vengeance) we will have all 10 ps3s with the same data and the brackets will be fully computerized and on whiteboard. And i wont burn pizzas next time either :slight_smile:

Some other stuff to look forward to:

Direct feed recording for the finals
Full surround sound for the finals
If our credit card machines still arent installed paypal will be in effect
Game seasons with leaderboards and a big pot at the end
HD Remix
VF5 (my game right here)
And honestly if PZ is gonna run Blazblue CT we will too

Again thx to everyone for coming out!

PS our payout system is not an anomaly. 100% payout everytime and yes we did double the pot for Tekken, Brawl, and MW2 because the tournament wasnt big enough to us. THATS HOW WE ROLL.


Even though I went out first, I had a lot of fun. The place is nice, large enough to have multiple small tourneys running at the same time. There was a bit of a problem with people playing different systems than who they were placed against, and also the unlocking issues, but I’m sure those will all be resolved very shortly. ^ as stated above.

Everyone was friendly, and the set ups are indeed sweet. A recommended gamers den for all in the Houston area.


We posted up the picture of our Street Fighter 4 winner, Jan. We will get it printed out and placed above where he signed the wall as our first ever SF4 champion!