Monsters Arcade Grand Opening results "Monsters Ball 1"

From the Tournament thread:

THX Four! Im glad you guys liked it. We are all gamers since back in the day and we wanted to make a place where we felt comfortable with no age barrier. We dont care if you 8 years old or 80 we wanted something for everyone. All our PCs have the latest games. EVERYTHING is networked. On or MW2 and halo tournaments every team member gets there own screen in full 1080p. And yes back to back system links! Every station has both ps3 and xbox. We dont want to leave anything out. Please visit our facebook and become a fan!

We have taken the bracket and the unlocks to heart trust me and by the end of the month tournament (tentative name "Monsters Ball 3: Monsters Ball with a Vengeance) we will have all 10 ps3s with the same data and the brackets will be fully computerized and on whiteboard. And i wont burn pizzas next time either :slight_smile:

Some other stuff to look forward to:

Direct feed recording for the finals
Full surround sound for the finals
If our credit card machines still arent installed paypal will be in effect
Game seasons with leaderboards and a big pot at the end
HD Remix
VF5 (my game right here)
And honestly if PZ is gonna run Blazblue CT we will too

Again thx to everyone for coming out!

PS our payout system is not an anomaly. 100% payout everytime and yes we did double the pot for Tekken, Brawl, and MW2 because the tournament wasnt big enough to us. THATS HOW WE ROLL.

PZ is running CS tournies.
no one except for a few people plays CT.

if you guys have blazblue it should be CS! but i would settle for some CT since thats about it as far as console goes.