Monsters Arcade Houston SSF4 Fantastic Cup Qualifier Tuesday September 21st


Monsters Arcade is holding a qualifier for an invitational tournament being held in Austin, TX on September 26th at Fantastic Fest!

Tournament Details:

-Tuesday September 21st 8:00 pm at our weekly casuals
-Xbox 360
-$5 Venue $10 pot fee
-2/3 rounds double elimination
-players who attend MUST be able to participate in the Austin tournament on September 26th
-Split will be 33/33/33% for top 3 to get to and from Austin

Austin Details:

Austin, TX - Sep. 26 - Arcade UFO and The Highball present SSF4 Fantastic Arcade Cup

The Quick Details
-Single-elim SSF4 invitational tournament held on Vewlix arcade cabinet
-Sunday, Sep. 26th at The Highball in Austin
-Hosted by Arcade UFO
-12 players prequalify through other tournaments, 4 qualify on the day-of
-No entry fees, but if you don’t prequalify, you have to buy a $20 day badge
-$1,000 cash for Top 3 + Prizes

The Long Version

Arcade UFO is proud to announce a collaboration event with Fantastic Arcade, the newest event brought to you by Alamo Drafthouse and The Highball. Fantastic Arcade will run in tandem with Fantastic Fest, the largest genre film festival in the United States.

Arcade UFO will be presenting 4 days of game tournaments from Sep 23-Sep 26th, with Sunday, Sep. 26th featuring a 16-man Single Elimination SSF4 showcase tournament in the spirit of Godsgarden.

12 Players will be selected via satellite tournaments as follows:

3 Players - Austin (to be held at Arcade UFO)
3 Players - Houston (to be held at Monster’s Arcade)
3 Players - Dallas (to be determined)
3 Players - San Antonio (determined via the next Ranbat on Sat, Sep 11th)

The final 4 players will be determined via a single-elimination last chance qualifier at The Highball on September 26th, making a 16-man bracket. Full details via the Fantastic Arcade site can be found below. Arcade UFO’s home page will be updated shortly!