MT is one of those places that is kind of midwest, and kind of northwest, so i posted in both places!

im brand f’n new here.
Montana, Missoula to be specific.


pc stuff like 2142, bf2, frontlines, crysis, not as if any of that isimportant.

but tekken is important.

someday ill get a ps3.

ive traveled to the tekken 5 tournament in Victoria canada, and the 4 tournament in seattle, tho these may have been namco tourneys not evo :open_mouth:

yup. im new here, dun hate.

I can’t argue with this thread. Good work.

No one’s hating over here pimpin!

How is it over there? I have family over there…

its getting nice, high 40s, low 50s.
like pot prices

I know a buddy of mine that lives in Boseman MT that plays 3s and I know that later on this year i’m gonna visit MT and it would be awesome 2 get some games with someone that i’ve never played before.

Sorry. I feel bad.


My sister is in Montana right now. Got done telling me that exact same thing.