Montebello Mall MVC2 and CVS2 players: Where did you go?

I was just wondering where all the players have gone? That place would get filled on the weekends.

Anybody interested in playing there? Or the arcade at Puente Hills Mall? I miss the competition there.

Sticks are broken and shitty at the montebello mall.
They don’t perform routine maintenance either.

Regency Arcade

Dorien said he played at Montebello mall a while back…

He’s at regency now…

No one goes to the Puente Hills mall tilt, actually no one goes to Puente Hills mall period.

The closest decent arcade with those games would be arcade infinity, usually no comp for those 2 games though

Fixed. lol@AI being a deccent place for Marvel :rolleyes:

both monte and la pute are 50cents a pop :tdown:… i go to puete and monte mall only to check out the tramps…

just go to super arcade dude for the best mvc2 comp in so cal

if you read my post again you can see that I said AI is the “closest decent arcade”, I went on to say that “usually no comp for those 2 games though”, those 2 games being MVC2 and CVS2.

lol@ArcadeFire being able to understand English :rolleyes:

hey tell dorien its me screech from montebello mall im comeing to regency this weekend to play him!

Super Arcade isnt even a decent arcade for anything, so scratch that off the list entirely.

^ So where’s the Marvel comp at AI?

play marvel at regency/super.

I miss montebeezy :frowning:

i never said anything about Marvel, Unibrow. Quit being a Marvel fanboy cuz you quit 3s for marvel cuz you suck at it. You’re going to suck at Marvel too because you simply don’t have enough drive to be decent. Fuck venom.

lol@ArcadeFire being able to understand English

OG Montebello was a good arcade when it was orginally Tilt, and a year or two afterwards when the new owner took over. The sticks suck, and the comp is very random.

Some of the regulars there are pretty good. I know of at least two regular players there that are good, but thats it.

Its still fun to stop by occasionally.


I rarely go here. If so, just to hang out with friends and TRY to play Marvel.

PS. I heard that Puente Hills has CVS2 and MVC2 on a better screen?

The only Tilt in Puente Hills is dead IIRC. It had SVC and Marvel on bigass screens. I think the one in West Covina still has Marvel like that, not sure really.

i want la puente tilt action
marvel and cvs2 on bigscreen stand up cabs
there was a mexican dude @ montebello once who picked mag/storm/doom who SUCKED and i almost got him to fist fight me cuz i was beating him, shit was funny

ive gone there a few times

That was you?!?! :mad:

Magnus, you were getting beasted on using MSD?