Montebello Mall MVC2 and CVS2 players: Where did you go?


I need to free up my schedule before Evo to get some games in with you sometime. Are you practicing up?

I heard there were a bunch of fools there Friday afternoon. Anyone of you guys there?

As far as I know the sticks are fine now. For a while there it was a shitty place to play because the sticks were bad and for some reason they put the damage at insane levels and the time to like 30 seconds.

I once got into a fist fight with a fool who didn’t like my Spiral-Cable-Sentinel team. He thought it was cheap and this was coming from a guy who knew how to play.

Yeah I’ve been practicing. I’m not sure if I can go to evo world, but most likely I’ll be going to Evo west. Whenever you’re free, I’d be down to get some casuals in.

Ive warned everybody once already but when u casual with this guy please have protection ready. We may plan a trip to norcal soon Darrell, u wanna roll?