Monthly Beat Down #10 @ The E Spot JC,NJ prsntd by RGP & OHMZ

Here are the Results for The Monthly Beat Down #10 @ The Espot

A Big thanks to everyone that came out. It was a great tournament and ran very smoothly

A Special Thanks to Damdai who hooked up the Tonamento for me.

Vids of the matches are HERE

Brackets on Tonamento

1 Sanford “santhrax” Kelly (EMP)
2 Aqua Silk Staten Island, NY
3 Kevin “dieminion” Landon (EMP)
4 Eric “Smooth Viper” Arroyo (EMP)
5 Damien “damdai” Dailidenas
5 Mike Infinite
7 Evil Rahsaan (EMP)
7 Phillip C. “KDZ” Atkinson (FYC)
9 Ryder (FYC)
9 Darth Arma (FYC)
9 Alejandro Zohta
9 JayOya
13 Bum
13 Jet Set Dizzy
13 Animalz
13 Alexis P
17 Absolute Meyhem
17 Papa Dav3 (Mista Mangu)
17 Massimo
17 DJ Katastroph3
17 Six Buttons
17 Gaston
17 Daniel “DJ” Vives
17 Sol1dus1
25 Roberto Diaz
25 Veikurii
25 Moka
25 Dutty Jersey City 27
25 Parker Irizarry
25 Dr Bahamut
25 Chris Orso
25 hawaiin kid
33 Mike G

i was an absolute pot monster in the tourney. That is all

Aquasilk looked like the best Zangief in the world in this tournament. His mind games and execution were so on point it was scary. I don’t know if its because he has so much experience with Sanford’s Sagat but w/o a doubt he is top 3 in the world for Zangief if not number one.

Good stuff once again everyone!

Big shout outs to Ohmz and the E-Spot crew for running a smooth event once again. Thanks to Michael Hurdle from for letting me jump on the mic and ramble for a little bit. I had fun and look forward to the next one. Good stuff to KDZ, DarthArma & Ryder for representing FYC.

See you all at Winter Brawl.

I’ll get up there


This was fun! Anything can happen in a tournament.

I can’t wait for SSF4 :slight_smile:

Had a nice time. Tourney nicely run ohmz, and nice stream by RGP. Also, well played by Sanford. There was a lot of up and coming talent at that tournament

One NJ player in top 8 good shit!!!

Some really nice matches at this tournament. Im gonna show up for the next one to complete.