Monthly Beat Down #14 Results

Super Street Fighter 4


32-man bracket

1 Andre Lambert (emp)
2 Clark D
3 Evil Rashaan (emp)
4 Dieminion (emp)
5 Reigh domenech
7 CapMatster
7 Nelson Rios
9 Kevin Diasam
9 CJ Domenech
9 bruce ruclas
9 ADNan
13 James Spencer
13 Kris Beralo
13 John Ficch
13 Ricardio Liua
17 Chris Wong
17 Sherief Saleh
17 craig ramey

Aside from me looking free on stream against Andre (thanks alot for showing me what else i need to improve), I thought the tourney itself ran rather smoothly. Good job and see you again next time…

Thank you for showing me what a real Ibuki can do. Hopefully i’ll have exp next time.

Good shit Andre. Good shit Clark fucking D!