Monthly Beat Down #15 @ The E Spot prntd by OHMZ results

First off I want to address a rumor about this being the last tournament at the E Spot. This is NOT TRUE. I don’t know who started this rumor but you better watch your mouth.

2nd Thanks to all the people that show continued support for this tournament. And another thanks to all the new blood that showed up, hope to see you again.

1 EMP Dieminion

2 CapMatster

3 Arakiba

4 Brian Garcia

5 Jhaton White

5 Dionis

7 Silly Goose

7 Papa Dave

nmo vs. rgp go down?

How many people showed?


around 24

Excellent work Dieminion. Next stop. Guard Crush.

good shit kev n capmaster

stay free everyone else

Congrats to Kevin/Dieminion for winning this whole thing and beating me twice. That was a great performance, good job.

Also thanks to Ohmz and the rest of the e-Spot staff for running smooth, quick, and fun tournament.

GGs to everyone in the tourney. I didn’t do that great, but it was an improvement over last time. I’m still kinda new to the NJ scene (I lived in South Texas for almost 12 years). I should have pitched in for Tekken 6, though; shame it didn’t happen.

This was a nice and fun event as usual. Good games everyone and let’s get better. I hope that more guys will come around like it use to be.

Yeah I definitely agree with Ohmz on the new bloods, lots of new faces! But great job Kevin and Capmaster, all in all I can’t be disappointed 9th place with Ken ain’t so bad. See everybody again next month, and I’m hoping some of the old faces show up like Kev mentioned.