Monthly BeatDown #9 Prsntd by RawGamePlay & OHMZ @ The Espot JC,NJ

The Monthly Beat Down #9 Results

1st Dieminion (EMP)
2nd Ryder
3rd Smooth Viper (EMP)
4th Mike Infinite
5th Noel Brown
5th Dizzy
7th Silly Goose
7th Cap Master

Thanks to all 50 of you that came out to Fight

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The Monthly Beat Down #10 Will Be on Feb 19th
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This was my first espot tournament. It was pretty fun. Good shit to Cap Master and then Silly Goose who knocked me out. Good shit to the people who came down from NYC (and Dawgtanian from the UK).

Shout outs to Darth Arma, Ryder, Dizzy, Meyhem, JSZombie, KDZ and everyone else from New Jersey!

This was my first espot tourney, and it certainly won’t be my last. Nice venue, right pricing, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and good displays to play on.

Things got packed, but that can’t be avoided as these things will keep getting bigger.

Just wish these things would EVER start on time. I used to make people pay up and go start in losers if they were late - maybe something to be looked into?

Hopefully next month I’ll bring a more effective Honda to the table. Last night showed me that I don’t know wtf to do against Sagat and Abel. I need a better secondary to take these fuckers on.

yeah man good stuff, seen alot of hold faces show up

It was nice to see alot of faces and my good friends. I couldnt stay and play this time around cause I had to leave for work. Next time ill take the night off and play. Lots of great matches!
Looks like Mr.clips didnt place shit, talking all that shit on live and nothing in person. lmao

Ohmz, great job on organizing the tournament!

Well I was watching on live stream, but all I gotta say is that that was an awesome tournament. Ryder had about 10+ comeback wins in top 8, it was nuts. Very enjoyable to watch.

Yo Dizzzzyyyyyyy. Good shit my man.

First off, big thanks to Ohmz for running and hosting these events, and for helping me out when I got lost driving to the place. That was a huge help, thank you.

Second up, hats off to Dieminion and Ryder for their play. No saltyness here, you guys put on a hell of a show. Also, good job to everyone else in the top 10.

Awesome to see people who I hadn’t seen in a while, like Todd, Mike Infinite, KDZ, and whoever else I haven’t run into since the last one of these I went to. I’ll be looking forward to the next event, hopefully I’ll see you cats again.

DyNicksty- what character did you use against me? I’m trying to remember

I could not be more pleased with the out of this tourney. Props to DMG Ryder for going as far as he did. He went toe to toe with Dieminion and it was an epic match up. Well done!

Hey guys - I was watching the stream from TN and it was great! That was some fierce competition that made me reconsider some of the match-ups I thought I knew. Abel Vs Honda…fucking epic! Good shit gentlemen!

Great tournament Ohmz, I had a lot of fun. GGs to everyone I played. Can I ever go to a tournanament without my stick breaking?

TE > Modded SE

LOL. So funny.

Cap Master - Balrog =[

fucking ****** i got 3rd where were you when i was playing. you are a ****** cuz you are a sperm donation and I will make you suck my dick in a crowd at caesers during evo after I tiger uppercut that ass. you are on a crew or team or whatever and you dont place or do anything in sf4. your bad, thats why you dont travel or enter cuz your money goes into my pockets. If i play you for money, itll go into my pockets. stay bad know your place. see you at the next espot too bad you didnt come to this one to add into my pockets.

Haha, whether it’s Guile or Honda, my brother wins with 2 moves.

You’re all mouth on the internet, in persion you didnt say shit to me. Yea I know who you are with that dead chia pet on your head posing as a pony tail. :lol:

Ohhhh Shit i thought it was CATmaster LOL waddup man

Clips stop the bullshit you knew he was there… All that slick shit about someone suckin your dick aint gone do nothin but get your ass slid the next time u at the Espot…Relax nigga it aint that serious. Shit talk is whateva…i shit talk too but all this after you Saw Justice there if you felt so gully, you shoulda approached him for atleast a casual.

I aint gotta say shit you know who i am, just play ya position though. Keep street fighter, street fighter.

GG to those who did good

we gonna settle this with a Best of 5

Ohmz making moves