Montlhy tourny at Cortana Mall....MVC2


Here it goes another tourny at Cortana Mall.

1st. Patrick(vegita-x) Rogue/Magneto/Storm…Rogue/Storm/Tron
2nd. Tre (Majin Vegita) Storm/Sentinel/Capcom…Storm/Cable/Cyc
3rd. Dakota…Cable/Sentinel/Cyc…Sprial/Sentinel/Cable
4th. Demetrius… Strider/Doom/Capcom
5th. Don’t Remenber?

On a side note Charles(cable_guy) got 2 an out:lol: I told him to stick to what he know and play team scrub.
O well that was probablly the last tourny for a while before texas, good luck demetrius and everyone represent La out there. Fuckkkk I wish I was going.:frowning:


Nice Job Pat…Why didn’t duane and rahsaan go to this Tourney!!!:wink: