Montreal 2007 March Madness Thread

Yo, check this out

One two three, in the place to be
As it is plain to see
This will be the fifth edition of MAT
Funky fresh since 2003
Talk pas shit, taime ca, cest gratuit

Hmm hmm hmm :rolleyes:
sorry for my lame attempt at rapping, but MAT is coming, so you boys better practice.

Speaking of talk pas shit. If you watch the team tourney for evo on zachd site. You can hear it saying by someone…dunno who but COPYRIGHT OU QUOI!

WHAT THE FUCK fucking copycats!

There will be no team tournament at mira since the city just shut down the arcade for good. Own

Are you serious? Goddamn…

Is it already closed? Or is it going to be closed soon?

Mira Is Officially Closed … Finished … Bad Beat Hein Mao ???

The city shut down Mira? Or Mira closed on it’s own accord?

NOOO the only reason i want the TT to be at Mira is for the POUTINE!!!:annoy:

alright guys very bad bews the city has decide to turn off mira for good…so there is no more arcades!!

MAt it’s still going on as planned…but we will not have team tournament !!
march 31th on saturday will be MAT in the reception hall. as for friday i dunno what else we can do if the arcade are off. we can all chill and go to a bar if you guys want to…with the toronto ,ottawa crew , me i wont be there anyways for friday!

yea , friday we can all go out chill … we’ll do a team tournament with beer at a bar… mtl … vs to . vs ottawa … who drinks the most …



Cabs 50 cents

One month to pull it off

A one day tourney really throws this out of wack

that a last hope…i will try my best to find a solution for friday .
2000+ would be the best idea for the team tournament so far since we have no more choice .
mira amusement just shut off from out of the blue on us!! that is just ridiculous!

Why would you make that your last hope instead of your first choice? It’s a bigger arcade with the same amount or more cabinets in a location close to a ton of non SF related things to do. You guys need to get on the ball and get those cabs back at 2 tokens. They’ll take in a lot of money that night for reducing their prices and we’ll get a spot to play in.

good riddance, but they could have waited another month

Let’s try 2000+.

JD, can you give us a hand? you don’t have to do much, we will take over after the initial contact.

Its not the arcades fault that no matter what controls you have its never good enought for you.

And btw I will miss MIRA,it sure as hell had problemes but it still whas the home of all the great SF St-Laurent players and overall a cool place to hang around.I still remenber the first time I went there in 2000 to play MvC2.So RIP Trix/Daniel,pinochio and MIRA

MIRA didn’t suck because of the sticks, it sucked because of everything else. I’ve been to 987 arcades before you pressed a single arcade button, I can safely say that MIRA was the worst of all.

what a fool. Mira the worst arcade? U sir have no idea what u are talking about…

K maybe u felt endangered by the presence of st-lo “voyous” , but i dont recall any of them doing anything that put ure life in danger.


if it aint the buttons, and the “gangsters” didnt attempt to kill you…what gives?
Clearly U havent been to many arcades for u to be saying such a stupid statement nadir.

Sure it was “ghetto”, but u wouldnt get GOOD competition anywhere else, APART for Daniel. and thats it.

The sole reason u didnt like the place dude, was because it was far for u and u didnt like the sticks…dont bullshit.

We should make a farewell to Mira thread…

but this is not the first time mao said mira would close… so I’ll believe it when I see it.

wow wow wow … you’re using some big words right there. I know MIRA means a lot to you, especially since you were skipping classes to play cvs2, but you should relax for a bit.

First of all, I was talking about the arcade and the entourage, not the competition nor les voyous.

Second, my first trip to MIRA was like in 2k3 or 2k4, so don’t tell me I have never been to other arcades, especially since I didn’t know anybody from Decarie before I took a 2 year break from Arcades.

Finally, I want to ask you a few questions:

  • What’s the smallest arcade you have ever been to?
  • Which arcade had less chairs? I mean which arcade didn’t have chairs at all?
  • Which arcade had a crappy toilet?
  • In which arcade you would smell smoke on all your clothes after staying there for just an hour?
  • On which arcade’s cabinets you would hit someone’s elbow/shoulder while playing?
  • Where would you rather hang out? in the downtown area or Decarie?
  • Which mvc2 sticks get broken the next day a technician fixes them?

To me, it’s so obvious, don’t tell me it’s a stupid statement and that I’m bullshitting you.

My only memory of mira was when Veas called me and asked me to meet him at the arcade for some mvc2 games (bear in mind i live on the other side of the montreal island).
So we meet up later that day but after only 2-3 games for no apparent reason he decided he didn’t want to play anymore and just took off.

So yeah… a rather disturbing memory it still comes back to me from time to time but i’m coping
Notwithstanding that, I will still miss the place.

And yall shouldn’t be sad about mira’s demise because it’s now in a better place… along with the other arcades that have died untimely deaths. RIP :lol: