Montreal 2015


What do you get when you take a unused studio, tons of television screens, A bunch of fighting games from Ultra Street Fighter IV & Smash Bros Wii U to Killer Instinct & Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and food?

You get Montreal Mash-Up.

Montreal Mash-Up is a bi-weekly fighting video game tournament event hosted in Montreal that is designed to unite fans, casual players and competitors alike of the fighting video game genre together.
With rotating money tournaments in many fighting games Ultra Street Fighter IV, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 there is something for everyone.

If your game isn’t the tournament for that night? There are many casual stations in a varied amount of games for all. Challenge and practice new rivals and friends in all your favorite fighting games over food and drinks.

Prizes for free members at our events from posters to amiibos.
Sign up today. It’s free.

Check us out.







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What is this? you can’t just advertise your own events and pretend that it’s the Montreal thread. Go make your own thread


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