Montreal Annual Tournament IV MARCH 17-18

Me and Jiggabry win that along with the MvC2 tourney :slight_smile: Unless you guys have gotten further into AQ than us, we win.

Anyways, as Matt said, assuming we don’t randomly go to Texas, we’ll show up for MTL.

alrite i guess it’s time for me to make a return to MTL

haha i changed my name to Veasna so i guess i’ll play u $20 in both 3s and cvs2
dis time wen u lose dun’t blame jap sticks :wgrin:

temujin: i’ll play u for the $10 3s match

and i’ll accept ne money matces/side bets in 3s/cvs2/marvel/#reload from MTL within $20 arcade kid? fredyloco?

LoL i accept ure reload challenge Js Master.

that is, if ure able to find a machine that is. For the two other games, yeah sure why not.

BRING BACK JFL! I’ve never met him. :tdown:

Jean-Francois Lussier!

Yeah someone bring JFL Ive heard so much about the guy never met him or seen him play

Best vega

JFL c un jambon

no ggxx, im reaching either way !! :smiley:

JFL plays Dead or Alive 4 and is pretty good at it. If you want his nickname in it I can get it for you.

hmm, i think i’ll attend but just as a spectator…

do u ever expect to improve your skills if all you do is watch???

Yes, he is a top tier observer.

O__O How can he actually play that game? Or even own an x-shit 360 ahhh he must be really bored of playing SF to play DOA4

im going to this bitch for sure. $10 on jiggabry


but then you said that there was some pretty good player at Mira…!!!

MUST be WORST then Igatona

So now that KOF XI is out at 2000 will there be any tournament for it?

yep there are about 2 or 3 really good players at mira. that white dude and that azn dude. lol il get their names.

the rest are either good or average.

anybody wanna random A groove battle?

Wow this thread is dead so whats gonna happen now that the game are 3 tokens at 2000