Montreal Annual Tournament IV Partial results

Here are some results from this week-end’s crazy tournament:

1 - Veas
2 - JS master
3 - PTS


Veasna, William, Roger, Alex, JS master and maybe 2 others were still in the tournament before I went home.

1st - tie Veasna / Ratio1beatdown (tie - split)
3rd - Arcade Kid
4th - Freddyloco
5th - Son
5th - Flowcus

MVC2: 30+ participents
1 - Bry
2 - Alex
3 - Samnang
4 - Gerjay
5 - JS master / Smokey

Alex beat Samnang in both winners and losers bracket
Bry beat Samnang 5-2 after the tournament in a money match, this guy is a freakin monster.

MVC2 team tournament:
1 - Bry/Gerjay/Matt
2 - John from MTL/DaFlipMastaXV/Ramy
3 - Veasna/Alex/Samnang

Woohoo Veasna!!!

woohoo JS!

See Veasna what did i tell you

MVC2: Full Results
1 - JiggaBry
2 - ArcadeKid
3 - Samnang
4 - Gerjay
5 - JS Master / Smokey
7 - DaflipmastaXV / manaboy
9 - Blackestheart / ExMatt / Ratio1beatdown / Seb
13 - Vic / Adam / Andy / retro
17 - Shao / Magnetic Hail / Mystic-God / Ace / Lord Magnus / Heero / Pet / Nagata Lock II
25 - B1ngo / Ninja Sentinel / Jaa

If I beat arcadekid in winners, I would have put money on smokey for 3rd place :slight_smile:

1st - Heero
2nd - JS Master
3rd - PTS One
4th - Freddyloco
5th - Arcade Kid
5th - Temujin
7th - AB
7th - Victoire
9th - JD
9th - Than
9th - Kim
9th - DarkDragon
13th - Tigerlee
13th - Pet
13th - Sang

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (21 Entrants)
1st - Ratio1beatdown (tie - split)
1st - Veasna (tie - split)
3rd - Arcade Kid
4th - Freddyloco
5th - Son
5th - Flowcus
7th - Victoire
7th - JS Master
9th - PTS One
9th - JReinhart
9th - Jiggabry
9th - Jason
13th - Krasshole
13th - JD
13th - Tigerlee
13th - Steve
17th - Nagata Lock II
17th - Trinh
17th - Matt
17th - Gerjay
17th - Mana Boy

  • Best crowd ever

  • Everyone wanted to go out so CvS2 was split

  • Jiggabry beats Samnang 5 - 2 in a $20 Race to 5

I’ll post a log later…

I Came Last?!?!?!??! Omfg

At least you’re listed…

at least you didn’t place last at your best game :rofl:

Actually cvs2 was a split becuz buttons were broken so therefore i got scammed by arcade kid!! :arazz:

but ya i had alot of fun dis weekend and i will post up a detailed log after stephen does his… :wink:

hey just want a say cool to see your guys from t.o…hehe mtl are having alot of fun as well…hum shit JS master u grow alot since last time i saw u coming to montreal haha all good… anyways hope to see ya all sometime soon PEACE! later!

NIce tournament!

guess that implies that u and veas had a nice little chat beforehand about the outcome of the tournament, and ure prediction came true. props on ure now certified assumptions. Js is a good player…and thats all i will say, cause thats not the message i intended to originally post. lets just say u guys didnt predict other things.

Anyways, fun tournament all around, Mira was happening for sure on those two nights. Main event was unquestionably Mvc2, although the finish left a sour taste to many mtlers hoping for a Samnang resurgence (but we all knew he couldn’t beat the old school gangster skills of Arcadekid)

Cvs2 was butchered up completely…Jon’s bracket confusion…the Js Master/Son/Alex match confusion…and the buttons going crazy at times really didnt help the games’ already dying cause.

3s was a success, though some people who play at times should have registered, instead of just watching the matches and then challenging every single time theres a fucking break for the game. Arabic Urien, im talking to u specifically btw.

the team tournaments were a great succes also.

chilling with my friends from ottawa was great, even if we didnt really end up celebrating the way i would have wanted initially. weird how they just disappeared too.

Driving everywere, i will admit was a bitch and a half…good thing nobody got lost or something, there was a lot of confusion at some points. “Chilling” at the Mcdees parking was a major killer. ALEX, get a cellphone.

Le Scratch was funny though, Shady, Jfl and Will were on point with the jokes that night…but god damn, u guys (T.o. and Sauga) are too quiet!!! there was a drunken waitress waitin to get exploited by all of u guys!!! haaha, now thats a funny sight actually…loool…k, drifting off too much. god damn, the waitresses are too hot at that fuckin place. French girls for the win.

anyways, want to thank all of the out of towners, rangin from Ottawa, T.O., Sauga, Edmonton, and Vancouver. It was great to see all of u people again.

Also, a big thanks to the tech guy, AB and the mira owner…had he (tech dude) actually not come Friday, we would have all ended up doing something else that night.

and thats how it ends

i love veasna!

Yeah the tech guy came on saturday and fixed Alpha 3 as well, didn’t expect that at all and thanks to AB for calling the boss up…

A3 results :

1- Tony/Prez (tie, we were tired and hungry and had no desire to play a marathon final, I apologize to the fans.)
3- Veasna
4- Arcadekid
5- Mao
7- Rene
7- Sandman
9- R.1.beatdown
9- Nagata lock

Highlights :

  • SARS pulls the upset on Mao
  • Arcadekid pulls a HUGE upset and sends Prez to the losers bracket
  • Arcadekid drama continues, after losing to Veasna he beats Mao his master who taught him how everything he knows about Alpha 3 and V-Vega… But Prez gets his revenge and beats him
    -Vess loses to me 3-1 in my most dominating performance + live shit talk (maybe next year you scrub)
  • Naturally Vess loses to Prez as well 3-1… things never change.

Just want to thank the participants, and to all of those who played casual over the weekend. We played so much on friday we broke the button but it got fixed and we ran a successful tourney.

2nd was Me/Ramy/John.

Correction: Had I not come, mvc2 would have had a 4 way stick for 1p and an 8 way for 2nd player…poor tech. He was nice though and thanked me for the help before peacing.

wowwww 30+++ mvc2

thx for fixing player 1 Al but the least u could’ve done was pull a few wires out of player 2 to help me kill at least a character


I always said Veasna was amazing at 3s. So what if he came dead last at T6 and lost to pure scrubs. I knew he’d win MAT. Ya so fuck you all. Veasna for Vice President of Canada. VICE FUCKING PRESIDENT.

Arcadekid for Secretary of Defense. That means you get to make people go to war, Alex. Isnt that awesome? See you at Midwest, Alex. On the week after Midwest takes place.

Any ideas which kinds of sticks (comp, ultilamte, supers, P360) were used for mvc2?

It was a 360.

wait wasn’t something wired sideways on p1 is this why i lost… ftw!