Montreal April Thread 2005

Who’s planning to go to ECC? What about T6? Who’s down for some Toronto action this summer?

Also, order DVDs while you can or you’ll have to wait a long time. Those who already asked for one have had their names put down on a list, so don’t worry.

yo Jd, ill get a copy as well, only thing is, I finish school on april 28th, and then ill comeback an get the chance to officially buy it.

Oh and Sin City is fucking awesome

Fo Real… !!!

Yeah, that movie was too good…

this movie KILLZZZZZ!!! just like me… when i roll super!!! :encore:

Long live film-noir.

i will play arcade kid and heero for money in ECCX

hey mtl marvel i’ll be at 2000 at 11 for about an hour tonite


Damn I knew I should’ve watched it

you’re not going to shangai

hmm guess ill go see it

Vous jouez 50$ vous jouez table stakes.

Vous avez pocket 4s et vous avez call une mise pre-flop de 5$

Le flop est: 4-10-A tous des freffle.

Un joueurs mise 20$ et un autre raises all in a 50$.

Que faites-vous?

Tu suce des queues.

Hello people. Im new to and im new to fighting games and all. Im from montreal and I play third strike a lot.

I was playing competitively on quake 3 but now there is no fps games interesting so im playing fighting games. Im not going to arcades really often but when I do I go to Mira or 2000. I hope to see you there.

If you’re good then we should play, it’s been a while I haven’t played any Quake 3.

Quote: If you’re good then we should play, it’s been a while I haven’t played any Quake 3.

FOR JD ONLY(nice JD , je vois tu connait au moin les bonne maps et un des bon mod (osp mais je preferais cpma)lol.)

Anyway im pretty new to this community so ill ask , i guess, the most noob question , whats a scrub? I think I already know … whatever :lame:

Last time I went to amusement 2000 there was a guy like owning me so bad, fullparying my 2nd chun lee ’ super special ( even parying the down medium kick ) lots of time and my friend’s level ones SP. I guess we are still pretty scrub since we only started 6 months ago. I can do anything I want with the ps2 controler and im starting to get the touch with the arcade’s joystick.

You know what? 80/100 of my third strike playing time is in the trainning , practicing combos :S

Its a good start at least :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to be in Darkside, xeno, Ichorvile and clan Kapitol for Quake 3. Right now I’m in cK but inactive and patiently waiting for a decent FPS to come out, unfortunately I doubt this will ever happen.

Someone parried your super? What did this beast look like and what character was he using?

Aight I guess we aren’t at the same level :slight_smile:

Well le gars avait la tete raser. He was white , and not very tall maybe 5,7/5,8 feet. He used ken at the begening and after he used sean … I was really like Wtf.

//EDIT//Btw it wasn’t just my super , it was my supers and alot of pokes and chains.

hahah I hope you and JD cough solve the mystery and find out who this guy is…

JD is just like that ?