Montreal April Thread 2006

I’ll get this started … Sacred is gay . . . HA april fools ! … or maybe not, who knows . . . kind of a bit late for that but anyways . …

who is going to ECC ?
why are mtl girls so pretty and fun to chill with ?
why do the maple leafs sucks and canadiens ownz ?
is EA going to T7 or mtl ?
Why is the blue sky ?
Was I really joking about Sacred ?
I love my job
Apparently Smokey quit his.
Will I get accepted in law at the university of TO >.> ?
will i end up taking some bs communications major <.<
Why is poutine so good ?
why won’t this kid shut up ?
who is this kid ?
is john married and have kids ?
will nadir grow his mustache ?
will samnang shave his moustache ?
how come i don’t know how to spell mu/moustache ?
prez screwed me over and bought my VP for 10$ but i dun care coz its worth much less to me XD !
who is going to T7 outside of Canada , special guests ? Isaac Graham ? Potter ? D.Hyo ?
Will this kid ever shut up ?
Did u know gas prices will go up to around 1.30 this summer ?
Do french girls really don’t shave below ?
Will i ever shut up ?
yes … after this …

discuss … or just stay quiet and ignore me like usual ; ;

what’s the cure for constipation?
I’m just asking this for a friend…yeah rightttt…

hahahaha actually, it’s been an on and off thingy. When I’m too lazy to shave, I keep my moustache and beard for like a whole week, then I say, ok let’s keep it for 2 more weeks, it doesn’t look that bad lol. Then, I randomly wakeup one day and decide to shave everything lol

oh and btw, that kid need to seriously STFU lol

It’s getting hot outside, you better get ready for some soccer :wink: ask your friends if they’re still interested.

Don’t scrub out this summer, we’ll be waiting for you on the soccer field :wgrin:

When money is involved, Prez is the most surreptitious person around. :wgrin:

SCRUB PLEASE. I’ve been secretly training over the winter, so just tell me when and where you are playing… if you’re interested usually me and 10-15 other friends usually go to an indoor arena in Lachine. You can rent out a soccer pitch for something like 220$ / 2 hours… the more people you bring the cheaper it gets if you are splitting it.

est ce que ya du monde ici qui voudrait contribuer pour acheter le dvd de evo2005?
presentement ya moi et veas
mais si ya dautre monde qui veulent contribuer ca reviendrai moin cher
jcrois que c au alentour de 60$ us incluant les frais denvoi

alors qui est interesser?
svp dites le moi avant ce mercredi

has anyone heard of this new game called SILK ROAD

apparently this game is as good as WORLD OF WARCRAFT but without the subscription fees required for online play
the full version of the game can be downloaded off the above mentioned website

den il va faire une copie a tout le monde ky paye , si on est genre 6 sa revient a un petit 10$ chaque


I doubt some random Korean MMORPG will be better than Blizzard’s World of Warcraft… with or without subscription fees. Have you actually taken a look at the website ( NOT It has less than 25% content in comparison to WoW.

Unless this game pays YOU to play it I wouldn’t even bother wasting hard drive space.

P.S. - Anyone interested in my WoW account (

you may be right :rofl:
but for someone as poor as me anything that’s free is worth a try
how much are you selling your WOW account for?

Fred, enleve ton post avant qu’on se fasse banned lol

Je suis down pour contribuer, mais Den, comment tu vas bruler le truc? je pensais t’avais pas un bon ordi.

mon dieu!!!
enleve caaaa fredddd
si ca continue comme ca on va tout etre dans la merde

nadir je me suis acheter un nouveau ordi ya une couple de mois mais de toute facon ca prend pas grand chose pour faire ca

ah ok

en passant, enleves toi aussi le quote de Fred, this guy is trouble lol

Si tu veut mon account lvl ~20 jte le donne lawl.

PS. JD learn to log out nub face.

alors c confirmer ya 4 personnes?
ca devrait revenir a quinze pieces par personne si jme trompe pas

moi aussi; je veux contribuer pour acheter le DVD

5 personne jusqua date

Yo Den, attends un peu, je suis sure que d’autres personnes vont contribus. De toute faon, les DVDs sont pas officiellement en vente.

Den je veux contribuer, depuis que je peux lecouterr sur mon DVD et pas sur mon ordi et en passant ovus allez tu acheter tous les dvds pcq apparament cette annee yen a pleins la on sen fous des jeux 3D so achetez pas ces merdes la

qu’est tu veux dire contribuer ? on payed un parti pis apres quoi ? on partage les dvd ou qqun les burn des copies ? j’pense que moi aussi j’veux contribuer si je comprends bien qu’est qui ce passe o.o

Il va nous burn un copie chaque toute facon ce qui minteresse c Marvel c le seul DVD qui vaut vraiment la peine ya plein de matchs dessus check le trailer tu vas voir