Montreal August 2006 Thread

So the month of July has come to end, so did the world cup and T7. This is the last hot month of this summer, you better enjoy it while it lasts, especially since it’s amost time to go back to school errr never mind, this is a SF forum lol

Anyways, evo is upon us, not sure if anybody’s traveling from Montreal, but it’s gonna be hot, all the top Japanese players will be there.

Not sure about what Nagata said is true, but if T.O. comes to MTL for a tourney in 2 months, we better get those lazy arcade managers to fix there broken sticks, or maybe hold a console tournament lol

Alex: don’t forget about Smokey’s flag and my cap lol

pi mes DVDs de Rmi aussi

People from T.O comin for a tournament in 2 months

nadir you started smoking crack again??? Never heard of that, but if they are, we’ll show them the might of the Montreal players on American sticks!!!

I’m just too good!

ya tu des TO qui joue a GGXX/ ?



JWong killer:
yes we will, but Nagata has to confirm they’re comming for sure.

alright its all good

Friday is that a good day to give back everything ?!

Alpha 3 Tournament this friday at 6pm at mira, 5$ entry.
Let me know who can make it.

Tony, good luck with your tournament on brocken sticks lol how about you do it on console

Alex, je ne sais pas, je veux tellement pas retourner a MIRA lol mais ca se peut que je fasse un tour si je vais voir un film.

44C avec de la pluie = ggpo

can’t make it friday

The sticks were working not bad last time I played. The tournament is still on, and you mofo’s better show up.

alright ma prendre le dvd de remi et mon 100$ aussi , sa fait presque 2 mois j’attend

and yeah im down for a A3 tournament

pas de cash im broke

Im working until 11h00 pm so I cant make it too the A3 tournament.

Yo tu peut faire un ggxx gathering en FDS??? sinon FDS prochaine?
Poste pis dit a lavance, faut jmarrange de mon coter

Lawl FDS, sa ma pris une minute pour savoir que cetais Fin de Semaine

Dimanche ya un gars qui host un Tournament de cvs2, sf2, sf3, virtua fighter 4, puzzle fighter et guilty coute 15$ pis tu peut rentrer dans tout les jeux ou tu paye 3$ pour rentrer + 3$per game,je risque detre la dimanche…anyways jpourrait pas faire de gathering en FDS for sure. faut que tu register avec le gars pour entrer dans le tourny

Si tu veut venir vien,Dimanche vers 6pm,si tu veut plus dinfo PM moi.



jmen vient a cote vertu la , t mieux de pas etre la!!!

3rd strike work ou broken @mira?

Suis interreser ces a quel place quil host le tournoi?

Ouais jespere cest pas a laval encore… :stuck_out_tongue:

ma p-er entree pour ggxx dependent si je fait qqchose avec ma chix