Montreal August Thread

August is here people.

Contra SS is a hard game

yes only 17 days until my birthday

We should do a tourney in September or sumthing <_>

anybody wanna go to 2000+ around 6pm?

Yo Ill be there :pat like 6:10, 6:20 cuz I read the message at 5:30 lol

GGs smokey, we should maybe do it again on Friday or Saturday, hopefully John will show up

have you guys given up on Soccer?

not this weekend for sure… of course I’ll let you know next time we organize.

anyone knows if someone did record the T6 's third strike matches? I want to see them !

I can on saturday just tell me what time I’ll bring my brother along he wants to play u :pleased:

ok lol

Tony: alright, but I’m not sure yet whether I could play on saturday or not.

BRian: I might go for some cvs2/3s… if my fucking 220$ gets back lol

talk pas shit

um… I said not this weekend for sure… which means no soccer this saturday, I’m going camping (don’t ask me why I just want to go somewhere to sleep).

lol my bad, I read your post too quickly.

not sure I can make it today, at what time you think you’ll be at 2000+ ?

Help me out here:

Play World of warcraft

3s sticks are repaired at mira

Soccer this Saturday somewhere near Atwater/Guy. Stay tuned for info if you are interested in coming.

Lol lots of ppl losing interest for that game

this guy talks mad shit