Montreal cvs2 mvc2 etc. tourney 09/11

Ok, here are the tournament results :

MVC2 :

  1. Sam. wow!! what a surprise
  2. Luc. chanceux !!
  3. William. Good job
  4. Veasna
  5. Holland
  6. JS master
  7. Shawn
  8. Sotha bun
  9. Ocean
  10. Bun
  11. JFL
  12. kim
  13. son
  14. Prez. WHAAAAT !!
  15. pet
  16. Than

Other notes :

  • JS master beat veasna first round
  • Veasna should have beatin Luc, but ironicly, the luckiest guy(veasna) in mvc2 wasn’t lucky
  • William sent Luc to the loser’s brackets and then almost beat him in the finals of loser brackets, the final score was 3-2.
  • Sotha hoding it down you’re my hero from now on

By the way, the mvc2 loser brackets are all fucked up, who on earth was running mvc2 !! I can’t understand a single thing.

CVS2 :

  1. Prez
  2. Sotha
  3. Veasna (Heero)
  4. JFL
  5. Fred
  6. Jason
  7. JS master
  8. Rene
  9. Mony
  10. Luu
  11. Patrick
  12. Nabil or victoir.
  13. Tony
  14. Ocean
  15. Xiao
  16. Jerry

Notes :

  • JS master is too good, he beat Tony and Mony but then he lost to Fred; however, the matches were so fuckin close at the end of each match, Fred almost ended up with another draw game
    Oh yeah, JS master lost to Veasna (heero) in the first round.

  • Veasna beat JFL 2-0

  • Prez beat Veasna in the finals of the winners bracket 3-something

  • Sotha eliminated JFL from the tournament 2-0, and then beat veasna 3-0 in the finals of the loser brackets

  • The grand finals score was 4-1 for Prez. Great !! now Prez is gonna talk mad shit

  • I don’t understand why t.o. peeps thought veasna was a random scrub maybe he talks too much shit on the net, but he’s really good.

A3 :

  1. Tony. What a surprise too
  2. Prez
  3. Veasna
  4. Hing
  5. Darek
  6. Xiao
  7. Nabil
  8. JS master
  9. Patrick
  10. Khan
  11. Mony

3S :

Sorry, I don’t have the full results cause nobody gave me the brackets

  1. Alex
  2. phunn
  3. chris
  4. Sotha
  5. Veasna
  6. Kang
    The guy from t.o. didn’t do well, I don’t know why.

you dang canadians are pretty cool!! Prez is so cool, that he could be living in philly!! and Sotha is cool too just because he looks mad pissed ALL THE TIME!! (your CvS2 skills are sick too).

p.s. I would pay GOOD american dollars to see JFL in MvC2 tourney!!

hope to see you all in philly for NEC3

Acutally when sotha plays, he’s more like :evil: :evil: he doesn’t look pissed at all.

Didn’t you mean cvs2 :lol: cause JFL barelly plays mvc2 :stuck_out_tongue:

which characters were used for A3 ? (i guess the top 3: Sak,Dhalsim,Vega?) and for 3dstrike?

For A3 :
Tony : v-sakura
Prez : dhalsim
Veasna : v-sakura, but his main character is v-akuma.

As for 3S :
alex : ken
phunn : I don’t know
chris : ryu
sotha : Ken
veasna : chun-li, I guess, or/and maybe Ryu
Kang : it should be Ken.

In a3 I play X- R mika