Montreal Decembre Thread

so whats everybody doing for new years eve

Wake Up
Shovel The Snow
And Maybe Buy Some Yogourt From The Convenience Store

Get drunk party hard =p

thats the spirit. no, not u Den. Shovel snow instead of getting wasted…

maybe he can be wasted and shovel the snow too =p should be fun

Freddy; recommend me some clubs and bars. I need to figure out what places I want to hit over NYE (and probably the day before and day after to boot).

well depends what type of scene ure into.

prob the biggest rave party each year is Celebrations, great djs, lots of chicks, but im guessing its pretty boring without the drugs, i dunno, maybe Flocus or Lars can u fill u in better on the afterhour scene.

nightclubs and bars, well u can try ure luck at 1234, pretty class place, has mc mario djing and lots of hot hot hot mediteraen chicks. ya, the place screams snob and ginos, but I always had fun there, possibly due to the drinks. Theres always Jet, although i have no idea if that place is still popular. Asian crowd from what I hear. Jet used to be the shit back then, dunno if it still is. Theres also System on crescent

Although I dont have very fond memories of this next place, Medley has nice mtl french girls and are also pretty known for their NYE parties. cheaper, big, and crowd isnt snobby.

as for bars, well don go to bars to be frank, but Im throwing out some names here. Winston Churchill could be a cool place to chill at, since u will be on crescent, which is a nice street, appeals alot to tourists. It also has lots of bars, so bar hopping is always apossibility, although chances are ud want to stay at the place ure at, since most places will be busy on NYE downtown.

Finally, St-Laurent street has lots and lots of options. It is the best “night out” street in downtown without a doubt.

Im sure some of the other peeps like PTS one could give u info as well.

Fred what’s a good place on st-laurent… tell me what kind of music they have if possible, thx :clap:

If u don’t like that video then :wtf:

How is Tokyo Bar ? Never been there, just been around the entrance but apparently its asian and european populated place, or maybe its just shit, i don’t know someone tell me XD What would be a not too wild place to go like on a double date or with a bunch of friends that has good food, partying good but I want to eat good food.

Edit: There’s another DecembER thread o.O … anyways off to another job interview :sad: … and happy holidays to ya’ll

this is not the decembER thread, this is the decembRE thread…mtl is getting political. Vive la resistance and la loi 101!!!

no but seriously, we’ll use this thread.

lol JD must’ve been high when he created that thread

I might go to MIRA tomorrow around 2h30, is anybody gonna be there??

Zoobomb is back in town… Just to let all the old school players know.

Oh shit!
Too bad ya pas de VF machine…je voulait le voir jouer.

I’m gonna be hitting up Montreal for new years as well. Thanks for that :tup:

Who asked you for your opinion ??

I said this message was for the old school mtl players, not you… The only contribution you ever made to SF in montreal is T-Bonne and poorly directed tournaments. Your Alliance to tosf was also suspicious…

In all honesty I simply think it would be better for all of us if you simply leave mtl. Thanks.

hahahaha I second that

I aggree with Tony. Rene sucks and brings down singlehandedly the mtl scene…either by organising shady tournaments or by giving stats to our rivals, the Torontians, to which he has pledged an unbreakable alliance, due to the vast number of asian chicks they have.

He isnt even a member of the Brood Crew anymore, and he was the founder!!!
Also, he is an assholic fascist at g-zone, giving orders to whoever he wants, as if he owns that place. No Rene, u dont. stop it. we’ll help u pac ure luggages.

from now on, u shall post at the Toronto thread.

Also once I was all in for a 20$ heads up… The flop had a 5, I had A5 and my opponent had 85. Then rene comes in and starts yelling “Eight !! Eight !!” for the next card. Guess which card comes next… the Eight, motherfu…

he’s a traitor in every concievable way and deserves to be exiled from mtl asap.

Wussup fellow Montrealians…

Just wanna say wussup… lol

and we own u in 3s.

correction, orbit owns us.