Montreal February Thread

I’m all ins!


Does Julian still play CvS2?

yea still does, plays c-groove

so so dead thread …
my prediction for MAT IV … tony gonna win all this years

Sorry smokey, couldn’t make it last friday after all >.> be lucky i saved you an ass whoopin >.>;;

in other news, zero’ tu veux toujours mon copy de valkyrie profile pour 20$ or anyone for that matter ?

if you are still interested rene, i have a friend who also wants to sell his mvc2 copy, for 25$ but i can convince him for 20 because i think that was your asking price, or anyone who wants it … no rush, i won’t see him until wednesday…

I gave my copy of CFE to my little cousin for free in case anyone wanted it :stuck_out_tongue:

Prediction for MAT IV, MTL top 2 in every game …

On a side note, i was talking to a friend’s mom who owns this tibet/indian restaurant. She told me that sometimes fake interviews are conducted. When they need people and they have relatives or friends that want to work for them, they hire them first and conduct interviews knowing they won’t hire others, simply to follow the protocol and be able to say that they gave people the opportunity to “try out”. So if you ever wondered why you didn’t get a job yet you fit the role perfectly and aced the interview, you might want to consider this little story.

old news :bluu:


WTB [Epic MVC2 Copy of Power]x1 for 25gold. PST.

Wait…when you mean copy…you mean a fake or the original?

i’m pretty sure it is the original but i’ll double check on wednesday when i see him

Want to place a little bet on that?

Yes. How about meeting me friday evening? Is it okay?

god i’m glad to be back in mtl. toronto was a sentinel 999 hit combo -> dizzy. i need my sonson heal assist.

wat is the marvel play schedule this week at 2000? je besoin d’aide.

ps s.v.p.

confirmed, its the original mvc2 for ps2 …

zero’ where and what time friday ?

as for betting on top 2 spots being mtl, i’ll decide once i see who’s in the grand finals >_>’’ … but seriously, i gave up all forms of gambling, drugs, drinking (to an extent) , illegal stuff, i’m clean now :sad:

edit: how about wednesday afternoon ? not sure if i’m free friday evening XD

Yo come this friday at 5-6 pm havent seen u in ages

WT ninja loot [Original copy of Mvc2 for Ps2]
So when can i get it? I need to pratice how to be even more random.

I’m only available on friday. Reply to this message if you’re free, meet me at 2000 between 4-5PM.

friday 2000 at around 4-4:30 pm , i have to pass my concordia registrars first but I will be at 2000 around 4, 5 the latest if i get held up at school, but i will be there for sure regardless of weather, just to make sure valkyrie profile 20$ ? i can’t really stay past 5:30 anyways, promises to keep, places to go ; ;

and for mvc2, he is still stuck up on selling it for 25$, its up to you if you want it or not, if u do, i can pick it up from his place wednesday night and we meet friday same time /place as i meet with zero

Wednesday night? awww man…and here I am at netchamp thinking i might have it today =( Aight ill be at 2k+ between 2h to w/e and yes ill take it for 25$ i dont mind.

Ah shit then ur gonna win M.A.T gg I wont even train

did someone say wed aft (today)? i’ll be there 2pm - 3pm @2000; i have some left over tokens to drop on marvel or maybe initial D

friday i’m out :frowning: next week maybe?


um yeah, forget thursday at 2000… it’s 3 tokens now, apparently they changed it this morning… I went in with 6 tokens thinking I could get 3 games and well do the math, i only got 1 :wonder:

i talked to the lady and she said that’s what the boss wants… 3rd strike is 3 tokens too

plus the buttons were whack… they only work when you wanna do something cool but whenever u are getting rushed down and u wanna pushblock… goodluck… but airdashing runaway/tj was fine…

playable… but financially unsustainable

What’s the word on other (mira?) mtl marvel machines? I will go to cote vertu or wherever on thursday but it means i can only play from like 2-2:30… it’ll prolly take me 30 mins there and back

smokey/magnetic hail/blackest heart - what’s the story ?

big ups to McGill vs Concordia tonight at Hall Building in Reggies if u feelin the b-boy style 8pm Bishop/Maisonneuve

(2000 after and make them change it back to 2 tokens for mvc/3rd strike etc?!)