Montreal February Thread

Well bingo beat me to it.
So yeah i go at 2k+ and want to play mvc2.As I insert my token i see “Insert 3 Token” 3 TOKEN!!! THREE MOYERFUSKISDFNG TOKENS! NOT 1 NOT 2 BUT TREEEEE TOKENS! Wow,so im like hmmm k maybe they made every machine 3 tokens.So I look around and see Initial D at how many tokens? NOT 3 TOKENS BUT TWO!!! WTF 2 TOKEN FOR THAT GAME??? THATS FUCKING BULLSHIT!
So yeah unless they somehow change it back to 2 tokens or 1 or w/e I aint going to the tourney…fuck it.3S continiues are 3 tokens too btw…2k+ = gay now worst than mira since the sticks are broken also. So yeah thats my trip to 2k+

BTW Mvc2 speed is set on normal lawl…

fawk i had no idea :lovin:

whaaaat? 3 tokens for that machine!!! gg

Rene practicing randomness is too random for me to try to understand

I’ll be there till 5PM.

hmm yah 3 token for 2k+ and btw they got a new game , king of fighter XI , … is hard -_-" but hm yeah…

I’ll be at 2000+ on Friday around 5pm if anybody else is going to be there. So whoever is going to be there for sure post it.

3 tokens to play now, that sucks. I don’t think it will last too long, no one is going to play.

New Kof?!?!?! I Stg I Ddint See Any Kof Anywhere!!

they were settingi t up round 6 pm …

ehhhh, well there goes MAT at 2000…this aint happening over there with these new prices…i dont care how much out of towners think st-laurent is wack area wise, Mira has working machines, and ill speak to the owner about the maintenance of the machines.

3 tokens, thats fuckin ridiculous.

3 tokens for what?

roflmao forget about 2000!!! Ok guyz anybody playing at Mira tonight or gtomorrow night post up! Imma be in cote vertu tomorrow 3 TOKENS Thats fucking ridiculous I hope nobody plays there nemore their fucking insane those machines should be 1 fuckin token and they put 3 tokens rofl fuck 2000 wtf is this Hey -JD- if u can talk to the owner to put 2 tokens for the tourney that’d be coolcuz if its 3 tokens at M.A.T IV count me out thats for sure Im fucking broke right now and even if i was working I wouldnt pay 3 tokens for a game that I can play at home with my own sticks LOL

3 credits ?

I guess now is the bad time for me to start my mvc2 career…

Hold up, hey.

What exactly is three tokens? EVERY GAME IN THE ARCADE… or just MvC2?

3 tokens 2000? o.o;; crazy shit, zero,rene, wanna just meet at mira instead in the evening or something or 2000 i dun mind, i was actually planning on sneaking in some casual matches or play vs the cpu but not at 3 tokens ;_;

i’ma be home all night today, thursday nights = tv night <3 so i’ll check up srk after i eat supper as to whats the plan whether

you both wanna meet at mira or both at 2000, as long as its both at the same place/around same time,

i don’t feel like going all the way to 2000 then at mira though >.> if u want to stick with the original plan to meet at 2000 around 4 thats ok also, i don’t know where either of u two live and which would be closer so i leave it up to you guys o.O’ …

on a side note, is it true what i hear about driving exams that they have a quota of some sort and that they HAVE to fail a certain number of people even if u did good ? ;_;

every game is 3 token , beside time crisis 2, the airplane game 1945, intial d , and a few other i think… all the fighting are 3 tokens and also the one with lots of game :S

They higher the prices because they know most of us will be practicing for the tournament, so it’s the perfect opportunity for them to make more money :rolleyes:

I might go to MIRA on Friday around 5-6 pm, you better be there Smokey and John.

Guys there is no point going to Mira, the low kick and high kick on player 1 are both broken. They don’t have a tech that comes around there to fix the buttons. The only person that fixes them is the owner Sam, and no one knows when he shows up or even if he has the pieces to change them with him.

So I guess I won’t be going to 2000+ tomorrow, it sounds like nobody’s gonna be there anyways.

Bande de fucking pauvre,Go work some more like I do or play poker online! Hahaha bande de pauvre. 3 Token is nothing for.I bet you guys wont go cuz your all too scared of me.I understand,I mean I am the MTL Champ afterall.

You’re talking about 3rd strike I hope.

fucking rene

arrete dutiliser mon account