Montreal Full Results : Jan 4, 2003


CVS2 :

1- Prez
2- Arcadekid
3- Heero
4- Final Showdown
5- Mana-boy, JFL
7- Freddy, Victoire
9- VDO, JS Master, Kicko, Temujin
13- Jason (ott.), Mony, Red-devil ninja
16- Seb, John, Dominic, Igatona, Will, Frank
22- XXL

CVS2 Team :

1- Prez,JFL
2- Heero, Fred, Mao
3- Son, Mony
4- Temujin, Arcadekid, Kicko
5- RedDevilNinja, VDO
5- Victoire, Mana-boy
7- Jason, Soleemu, Re ?
7- Brett, Final Showdown
9- JS Master, XXL

MVC2 :

1- Samnang
2- Arcadekid
3- Will
4- JS Master
5- Heero, John
7- Hour, Luc
9- Holland, Seb, VDO
12- Den, Ron, Sam2
15- Final Showdown, Nadir, Sophak, Shady
19- ReddevilNinja, Igatona, Freddy

Alpha 3 :

1- Temujin
2- Prez
3- Mao
4- Mony
5- Seb,Hing
7- Will, Igatona

3rd Strike :

1- Arcadekid
2- Heero
3- PTS
4- VDO
5- Chris, Freddy
7- Lars, JS Master
9- Igatona, Yannin, Tom

3rd Strike Team :

1- Arcadekid, PTS
2- Freddy, Heero
3- JD, Mana-boy


CVS2 Tournament Match Details :
(player A beats player B is symbolized as Player A > Player B)


(round 1)
Fred > Frank
VDO > JS Master
Seb > Igatona
Arcadekid > Dominic
Jason > XXL
Will > John
Mony > RedDevilNinja

(round 2)
Fred > Temujin
VDO > Victoire
JFL > Seb
Sotha > Rene
Arcadekid > Jason
Final Showdown > Will
Heero > Mony

(round 3+)
Prez > Fred
Arcadekid > Kicko
Heero > F.S.
Prez > JFL
Heero > Arcadekid
Prez > Heero (winners final)
Prez > Arcadekid (Finals)

CVS2 Losers (single match until quarter.F to save time) :

(round 1,2,3)
Dominic > XXL
Jason > Frank
JS Master > Will
Mony > Igatona
Temujin > Dominic
Victoire > John
RedDevil > Seb
Rene > Jason
JS Master > Mony
Victoire > RedDevil

(round 4+)
Rene > VDO
Fred > JS Master
Victoire > Sotha
F.S. > Temujin
Rene > Fred
F.S. > Victoire
Arcadekid > Rene
F.S. > JFL
Arcadekid > F.S.
Arcadekid > Heero


MVC2 Tournament Match Details :


(round 1)
Seb > F.S.
Rene > Pet
John > RedDevil
Holland > JS Master
Will > Sam2
Hour > Igatona
Arcadekid > VDO
Vess > Fred
Nadir > Shady

(round 2)
John > Rene
Will > Hour
Arcadekid > Den
Vess > Nadir
Luc > Sophak

(round 3+)
Sam > Seb
John > Holland
Will > Arcadekid
Vess > Luc
Sam > John
Will > Vess
Sam > will (winners final)
Sam > Alex 4-3 (Finals)
Prez > Arcadekid (Finals)

MVC2 Losers :

(round 1,2,3)
RedDevil > Pet
Sam2 > Igatona
Shady > Fred
Den > F.S.
RedDevil > Nadir
JS Master > Sophak
Rene > Shady
Hour > Den
JS Master > RedDevil
VDO > Sam2

(round 4+)
Hour > Holland
JS Master > Seb
Luc > VDO
Arcadekid > Rene
JS Master > Hour
Arcadekid > Luc
JS Master > Vess
Arcadekid > John
Arcadekid > JS Master
Arcadekid > Will


3S Tournament Match Details :

3S Winners:

Yannin > JS Master
Fred > Lars
Vess > VDO
Arcadekid > Tom
Chris > Yannin
Fred > Igatona
Vess > Phun
Arcadekid > Chris
Vess > Fred
Vess > Arcadekid (winners final)
Arcadekid > Vess 4-1 4-1(Finals)

3S Losers:

JS Master > Igatona
Lars > Yannin
Phun > JS Master
VDO > Lars
Phun > Chris
VDO > Fred
Phun > VDO
Arcadekid > Phun

Alpha 3 Tournament Match Details :

A3 Winners:

Mony > Will (close !)
Mao > Hing
Mony > Igatona
Prez > Seb 2-1
Tony > Mao (don’t even think about it)
Prez > Mony
Tony > Prez (winners final)
Tony > Prez (finals)

A3 Losers:

Mao > Seb
Mony > Hing
Mao > Mony
Prez > Mao


rene and clayton
top 5

too good

haha prez, you can finally get your gc, if you didnt buy one yet


Weeeee…I aint in Marvel for some reason…thats cool.


Sounds like it was a fun tourney. Congrats to the winners :cool:


MTL’s january 4th tourney

Team tournament 3S 2v2

1-Alex/phun ken/urien
2-Veasna"Heero"/Fred chun/makoto
3-Than/Kimrahn urien/yang

Team tournament cvs2

1-Prez/JFL a-grv mai/rolento/vega2
2-Mao/Fred/Veasna"Heero" n-grv kim/sagat/blanka2
3-Mony/Sun k-grvcammy/sagat/blanka2
4-tony/alex/sotha a-grv sak/yori/vega2

-winners final,prez team vs my team 3-1
-loosers final,my team vs mony team 3-2
-final, my team vs prez team 3-1 2-3
-we could have won , but damn that stupid rule, prez and jfl were only suppose to take 2 ratio2 characters but instead they took 1/1/2


1-tony V-sak
2-prez A-sim
3-mao V-vega
4-Seb V-akuma

-i didnt join A3 cuz of $$$$$$$ but you guys know i would have won


1-sam mag/BH/cyc
2-alex mag/cable.psy
3-william sent/cable/capcom
4-jsMaster cable/storm/cyc
5-Veasna storm/sent/capcom
5-John BH/cable/cyc

-i send Luc to the looser 2-1
-luc got eliminated by alex
-jsmaster beat me seb and Hour
-winners final , sam beat william 3-0
-loosers final, alex beat william 3-0
-final(best mvc2 final ever) sam won 1-4 4-3
-i beat masterken 2-0 hahahahah


1-alex Ken
2-veasna Chunli
3-phun Urien
4-vdo Hugo
5-christ Ken
5-Fred Makoto

-i beat phun 2-1
-i send alex in the winners final 3-0
-alex beat phun in the loosers final 3-0
-in the final alex beat me 4-1 4-1


1-prez a-grv mai/rolento/vega2
2-alex p-grv yama/sagat/blanka2
3-veasna n-grv sagat/chun/blanka2
4-FS c-grv ryu/kim2/yori
5-Rene a-grv rock /terry/nak2
5-JFL a-grv balrog/hao/vega2
7-victoire a-grv sak/cammy/hibiki2
7-Fred n-grv cammy/blanka/sagat2

-Alex send sotha to the looser 2-0
-veasna send alex to the looser 2-1
-prez beat veasna 3-1 in the winners final
-finalshowdown beat jfl 2-0 in the loosers
-tony was suppose to face sotha in the loosers ,but both of them didn;t want to play so they change the bracket:lame: , well its all good cuz tony loss to FS and sotha loss to Victoire
-alex beat me in the loosers final 3-2, last match was damn close, luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but it’s ok me and alex split the money prize for 2nd and 3rd

Random shit

-VDO is now my favorite mvc2 player, this guys is sick
-In all, i won 70$
-Victoire was damn mad when tony and sotha decide to change the bracket, and he had to face sotha instead of FS.
-Victoire vs sotha, vict had hibiki2 and sotha rugal1 vega2, then mony came and said to sotha “its over,you’re gonna win for sure”, when vict heard that he was like “WTF talk pas shit” then vict made a comeback LA Veasna
-FS kim is damn wierd but hella good
-Alex p-grv is crazy
-now Sotha XXl and tony wont be able to talk shit for a long time, but me hahahahahah…
-I dont think jfl is top 4 in cvs2
-maybe im the only one but i do think that Alex can be top3 or 4 in mtl at cvs2 if he practice more even thought it’s the first tournament that he did well from the last 5-6 tournament

here’s my idea of the top5 MTL mvc2 cvs2 A3 3rdS players, i know well all the player from mtl so my ranking should be ok, here’s my list to end all the talk shit

2-alex or luc
3-alex or luc
4-william or veasna
5-william or veasna

2-veasna or phun
3-veasna or phun


5-Fred or jfl

Victoire"!aZnBoY!" would like to say that VDO is fucking psyKICK he parried all his shit and that he his the best mvc2 player he have ever seen.FS you have the best Kim ever he still can’t believe that you beat him , Vict want his revenge



Also it was a pleasure playing you guys and I …or shall I say we look forward to playing yall again.


next time you do a tournament tell us I a coming for sure guy


4th not bad for a scrub eh?

montreal is to powerfull!!! thanks to everyone there. Hope to all play you again another time.


Good job XXL!


gj getting 5th mana


I saw some footage of some random VDO MvC2 gameplay. OMG, his shit never ceases to amaze me.

Perhaps if there is another MvC2 tournament up there, I’ll consider coming. The game is waning now, not many peeps here play it.


yo xiao sucks!!!:lame:


Yo guys…u forgot to mention that the best mvc2 match was Igantona vs Binarystar(Sam)
I hope we had that on tape!



6 times champion in a ROW for 3S:lol: :cool:


I still think berhouz is the best and he can beat you


bring him so i could kick his sorry ass


6 times???in all, they were only 3 3S tournament in mtl