HAPPY new years all!!!

well i can rightfully confirm that all of the 3s and cvs2 machines at 2000 have some form of problem. wont start to list them but whatever…

oh and I saw King Kong and super Size me yesterday…I strongly recommend everyone to watch the second one.


Didn’t know some of u guys play WoW, what server? Alliance or horde…whatever

Happy New Year All,

This year is obviously my year anyway, i mean stop trying… I own all!!!

PS: Smokey man, u gotta give me a rendezvous or something, gotta hit the marvel cabinet. Send me a PM or something i dont know how to reach u man.

2006 is here.

I got alot of living… to do before before I die… and I ain’t got time to waste… it’s time to get that cash.

Happy New year and GL to all…

alliance, on mannoroth, come get ganked bitchs

Ewwww Mannoroth,Bleeding hollow Ally that shit.Come get owned by hordes!

Just started up a new char on burning legion… horde…

Quentin Tarantino is a nice guy but he shouldn’t let people use his name for advertizing like that. I hope he got alot of money for it… The characters used in his name are almost as big as the ones on the title (I’m talking about the hostel btw).

Tarantino should get off his ass and make more movies, he’s very lazy you know… He’s definitely not a rodriguez or spielberg… he gets burst of inspiration but prefers to do nothing if given the option… kinda like me heheh.

Who are you? Who is this guy?


Number 6 (out of 132) on the Ahn’Qiraj War Effort Rankings…


Fuck…BH is like fucking #60+ Too much PVP in that server thats why.

anyone up for some 3S today at 5:30 ?

My Ibuki is ready to put some hurtin’ on your asses…

WoW > School


Girls+Poker+Work+Very little sleep = Dead Tony in 1 month

There,fix it for ya.

Hey, if Rene can have a cell phone, I guess anything is possible…

he is making his own horror movie with rodriguez called grindhouse

T3 is coming

happy new year to you too mao

may the force be with you this year

oh yeah this is den i just forgot my old password

yes HNY.
Hopefully, we’ll see some evolution in arcade games this year… (when was the last time Mira got a new game anyways?)