Montreal July Thread 2004

T5 is coming, who is going for sure? Are you guys interested in still having a tourney on July 10th?

Note: EURO2004 is so random!

No,who the fuck is gonna play,maybe that nigger twich but…

I was in greek town last night and it was nuts… It’s gonna be huge on sunday… The jean-talon area will gradually become all blue and white by sunday with all the greek flags.

:lol: :lol: it could be, especially since u guys beat them already in quals.

I think most people lost interest in mtl tournaments, so it’s pointless doing another one where only a few people would show up.


Congrats to Alex ( arcadekid ) on making team captain for team Canada at EVO2K4! good job man :slight_smile:

ya why isnt veas the captain of canada wtf

As for the tournament it doesnt matter cuz you all know i would win anywayz:cool:

who cares bout tournaments in mtl only like 5 ppl show which is lame

cause he has never carried the Canadian flag in Cali like “captain Canada” :lol:

damn !! SRK was hacked again :confused: they restored the forums to Sunday morning at 3am :confused:

Ok, since seb and louis are free on saturday lets play soccer on saturday… we can meet somewhere downtown and we’ll drive to the field.

Anyone else interested ?

damn, i think i have to postpone my mtl trip. i heard there’s this huge ass jazz festival there at this time, meaning i can’t get a hotel. is this true?

Hmh yeah there is the festival not beeing able to get a hotel that I dont know

Soccer Saturday sounds good. Can we PLEASE make it at 3-4PM?

the bone will come and rush that shit down


3-4 pm ?? it’s so hot during that time man, I’m not playing unless it’s like at 7 or 8 pm … if I don’t feel anymore pain, that is

3-4pm sounds just about right… it’s the hottest at 12pm anyway.

I think we’re getting alot of people for this one so maybe we can meet up in downtown and we drive to a real field that we can use the nets… We can try in the south shore and I know a million places in the west island.

i’m sorry my montreal brothers but i cannot make it this summer. hotels are PACKED like a mufuhg. i was really looking foward to this. o well i am settling for boston. haha at least when i go to boston they won’t hate me cause i’m a mets fan. if i were to be a yanks fan or let my new york accent slip, well… maybe that is something only an american would understand hehe…

JD :

learn to log out of ur account in random lan centers lol

this nadir btw :lol:

Congratulation Tony!Greece won the finals!but who cares its not the World Cup

For saturday, I’ll bring a couple of friends 2 or 3 !


How many people use SRK at NetChamp/NetZone besides you and me Nadir? :lol:

Tony: There is a field 5 minutes from where we usually play, we could go there if you like. If not there is another field at Cegep Marianopolis (Guy Concordia metro – near the Montreal General Hospital) which is always empty and just had new grass put on.

My other friends are suggesting the south shore… the field close to longeuil metro, seb knows where it is.

We’ll see… maybe we’ll meet up first and decide by driving around to see which one is empty.

But for sure we’ll have a big field we’re already about 12 people, but the more the merrier.