Montreal July Thread 2005

Happy Canada Day.

T6 is getting very close, anyone sure they going or sure they not going?

I’ll try to make it at 3:30-4pm.

So is the qualifier today?
Oh ya John could u tell me when’s the next time ur going to 2000? I want u to teach me something

Vas te faire jaculer dans la face Alex o sont mes DVDs?

Nadir tu checkera pis si jamais t’as tjrs l’cran tu me le dira. :tup:

Hey John long time no see I didn’t know you posted here.
In case you’re wondering who I am, I used to play with spiral/cable/sent.

Oh yeah, I remember you. We haven’t played each other in a while. What’s up, still using that team?

What is it you want me to show you?

Im going to win that spot for CvS2

Thanks god Alex isnt going

Alex is too good

whoever is using my account can go fuck themselves.

I want to learn that single motion u do to escape from hypergravs. Damn I thought I knew how to mash out till I played Samnang on friday there were some matches were he’d beat just because of hypergrav combos >_< that’s when I realized that I can’t mash for shit

shake that shit !!

Well I don’t really go to 2000 anymore because there is no competition there. All the good players go to Mira(but you knew that). Anyways, I use what I call the 2 motion shake. It’s very simple. As soon as you get hit by the hypergrav, there is a split second pause between the HG and the tempest. As soon as the pause starts, shake the stick once right, and once left while you mash the buttons. It takes practice, but when you get the right timing, you should be able to mash out at least 90% of the time like I do.

WTF Samnang came back already, I have not played him in like a year or something. You should come to Mira during the week at around 4:15 to play, me, vaes and Jason always go, It’s great competition. Don’t worry about the sticks you will get used to them soon enough.

Hmh Ill try that on my Jap Stick and I’ll prolly be comin every day at 4 to Mira cuz Im going to T6 next week Ill try to make Samnang come just playing like 5 games against him made me improve :wow:

Good, see you there.

me i dunno how to mash but i do know how to make others players mash the hell out when i do hyper grab super that shit lolz hahahaha

Je sais que T6 approche mais
ch toujours pas comment je me rendrais. Qu’est ce qui c’est pass avec les qualifications pour team Canada?
Qui a get le spot ? Qui va T6 ?

Dude si tas pas de ride pis que tu penses aller en bus je te conseil dacheter ton billet au plus tard jeudi sinon ca va te couter fucking cher (ce jeudi)

Btw -JD-, Nagen, Alex, Fred? Or any1 going to T6 where u guyz gonna stay? Are u guyz going to stay at a Hotel? Ceque je cherche du monde avec qui cotiser lhotel pis je pense Samnang aussi pas sur encore

I think it’s best if you guys discuss about these stuff in person, not too many people post on SRK.

If you want a spot on the CvS2 team then go to 2000+ this coming Sunday at 5pm.

hum, I need people’s opinion on a difficult matter:

I just got a job at a entrepot where i work like a slave and i hate it, but its still cash and its from monday to friday, 8 to 4:30. I talked to my supervisor and i told him today (which was my first day there btw) that I would be missing next friday. So to compensate im working overtime twice from 8 to 8. whatever thats doable. Now comes the complicated part.

While I was working today, SAQ called me and told me that they have a spot for me on their team, but that the schedule is not guaranteeed : I could be working 0 to 30h per week, depending on when they need me, And I am obligated to come in when they need me. I have an interview on thursday at 1:00, the only day and time availabe, and of course im working at the shithole at the same time.

I also asked the SAQ lady if it was possible to start working after the 17th, to which she replied no. But they do tell us one week in advance what the schedules are.

I was planning on ditching work for an hour just so i could make it to the interview, but theres many risks involved. The fuckin 18$ hour is tempting as hell, but the possbility of never getting called up pisses me off, plus I could miss T6 if I were to take the job. Then again if I stick with the shithole job and ditch SAQ, there shouldn’t be a problem, although it doesnt change how much I hate it.

Any suggestions?

edit: I should add that I get 25% discount on all booze.


As much as I would love to see you at T6, you have to think about your future after the tourney is over. If you have the chance to find a job that’s paying you very well, you owe it to yourself to pursue it. At best you should go after the interview and ask concerning questions for you and your future. If you don’t feel comfortable with the setup after the 1 on 1 (or 2 or 3 people) then you’ve always got your stable and crappy job and the tourney to boot. If you like what you hear then you just got a raise and video games will always be there anyway. I hope that gives a little perspective.