Montreal July Thread 2005

yeah but I still have to find a way to ditch work for an hour. I guess i’ll have to find a fucked up lie.

Wow if I’d get a chance to work at SAQ damn I would cry of joy ;_; Lol nah but seriously man gotta think about your future really like Justin said video games will always be there

Je te donne 2 jours a la SAQ avant d’etre fired.

Fred… take a chance and go to the interview… I don’t think you’re at risk of losing your warehouse job if you miss a day… people come in and out of those jobs every week, they’ll be happy that you even returned. Just call in sick in the morning (it’s cheesy but it’s the best way), or say you’re sick and leave suring the break.

You have nothing to lose by going to the interview, and only worry about it if they give you an offer. Don’t think about it before you get an offer because you’ll be stressing yourself for nothing.

After more than 10 years of going to school it’s being a 9 to 5er for another 20-30years,only when you become a senile wrinkled man do you get to retire. Doesn’t that suck???

To answer your question it all comes down to how you see your futur (mine is not very bright by the way lol).
Can you picture yourself still working at the same factory 10 years hence?
If the answer is no, then, unless you’re debt-ridden and can’t risk winding up jobless, i don’t see any problems with seizing a new job opportunity (after having carefuly weighted everything) that is more attractive than your current job even if it entails some risk.
Stability is a great thing, however, it’s always a good idea not to put all your eggs in one basket because if something happens to that basket you’re out of luck.
In other words you need to have a plan B if things don’t work out.

t avais pas besoin de le dire

BTW c quand la date exact de T6 et quand est ce qu on part de Montreal pour que je demande conge

a julian pis william(wilddestroya) si vous voulez aller a T6 acheter les billets d’autobus

demander a smokey pour des info, il va les acheter demain

pis si vous ne savez pas ou dormir, on va surment dormir a la meme place tout le monde dans le meme hotel

Exactly what he said btw WIlliam I couldnt call u I had to work late today and I was totally burned out I couldnt even talk with Samnang please if someone sees him tell him to call me ASAP tomorrow Ill be at 2000 at 4-5 if u guyz show up we can go buy the tickets if not well I dont know cuz tomorrow is pretty much dead line if u guyz wanna pay a reasonnable price other then that I dont think u guyz wanna pay 175$ + for a bus ticket

Oh and maybe one of u guyz have Sam’s phone number? I had it but I lost it if someone can please PM it to me

Aight, veas c’est chill au moins Brian, Samnang et moi va pouvoir hang out avec tous le reste du crew rendu la-bas.
Malheureusement, Julien y fait sa pute, toujours mal organise avec un fucking wedding day. :tdown:. Tu sais quoi Fuck that, a chaque fois qu’on veut aller a un tournoi out of town, il chock.
En t-k, je vais recommencer a jouer beaucoup, pour me remettre en forme, meme si je sais que je ne serais utile p-e que pour du renfort, je vais jouer sur les japanese sticks de Brian, pour essayer de m’habituer. Dites-moi quand vous etes la au M ira j’essairai p-e de passer, mais je pense que je serai plus au 2000+. En tout cas, Alex et Veas stresser pas pour le tournoi, tous les joueurs de montreal, de toronto et du Canada vont etre derriere vous! :tup:

P.S.1:Alex j’ai pas oublier nos side bets pour CVS 2 et X-men VS Street-fighter.

P.S.2: Si quelqu’un voit Samnang dites lui de venir au mira entre 3-4 pm ou 2000 entre 4-5 pm pour aller acheter les billets a Berri, demain. JEUDI. :tup:

C combien exactement dites le moi ASAP

Appeler moi au 898-8279 y faut que je le sache parce que je viens avec vous

holly shit!! Terrorists strike again :wow:

Tony :
sorry, I won’t be able to make it today, I’ll see you on Saturday

D’aprs Smokey,LE TICKET D’ALLER-RETOUR est 95 $, mais il faut absolument l’acheter AUJOURD’HUI par ce qu’ partir de demain c 175 $ et plus + Taxes = Fucking Cher!

Comme je disais hier, rejoint Sam et Brian au Mira ou viens au 2000, moi je vais tre la pour vous attendre !!! :pleased:

Hey Alex la femme au phone ma dit que ca allait etre comme 96 si on lachete 7 jours a lavance (ajd) Genre moi pis William on veut partyir jeudi a minuit on va arriver a T.O vers midi tk c ca que la femme ma dit pis de la ca se pourrait que Nagata Lock nous donne un lift jusqua a un metro on verra pour ca je sais pas si on rentre tous dans sa voiture tk man si je te vois pas a Mira je tappelerai sur ton cell quand je serai a 2000

Alex Victoire m’a dit que Sophek il s’en vient alors je suis obliger de lui donner ta place…

World Series of poker main event has begun !! 5800 players for a prize pool of 58 million dollars.

WSOP report :

"The tournament room at the Rio was packed to capacity for Event #2, with every table filled to capacity. Somehow, they’ve managed to pack in far more people today. Not players, but spectators. The aisles are packed with railbirds, making it nearly impossible to get around the room. If that weren’t bad enough, even the playing area is much more packed than usual, as media from around the World has swarmed to cover the Championship Event. "

They think that’s packed… haha, they’ve never been to an ECC tournament before…

Or Mira…

:rofl: ECC9 - Marvel vs Capcom 2 Final 16. Floe hides the only stool in the place behind his ass. GGPO! :rofl:

hehe nice…

GG me I dont think im going anymore then whoever want that 3S spot tell me

im getting fucked again WOOOHOOO :lame:

I’ll be at 2000 around 4:30 or 5:oo for some marvel.

t con ou koi? pourkoi tu demande pas a JD, Seb, phoun ou Fred comment il y vont , pis la vas y avec

on prend sopheak , parce si il vient on peut dormir chez son a amie comme a T5

en tk si tu vient pas, tu me le donne pas ton spot de 3S, je le prend