Montreal July Thread 2006 - GO BRAZIL GO!

After a great month where NBA and NHL champions have been decided in a dramatic Fashion, and after a full soccer action packed month where we saw unbelievable goals, players sacrificing their ballz to defend their countrys’ colors, drama (Italy), here comes July.

are the French back to their top level? will Brazil win a second cup in a row? does the home town favorite Germany have what it takes to win it at all? Will we witness another Italian match full of drama?

All these questions will be answered in the next 10 days

My picks from day 1 are still Brazil over Germany in the finals (2-1), and Italy over England for 3rd place.

P.S.: Don’t forget that there is a tourney at Sandman’s place today for mvc2/3s/a3, and hopefully Hyper SFA

Oh yeah, T7 is coming.

tourney has been re-scheduled

July 1st,OMG! cest la journee des millionaire(la journee des bs),tout les BS sont heureux aujourdhui! sauf ceux qui vont ce faire crisser dehors pcquil ont pas renouveller leur bail,au BS je dit TROUVE TOI UNE JOB!

I cant come to Sandman tournament,i have to whip the stick a little more and i stuff to do,till next time yall!

Go Germany!



Jean Francois

I know I left people out but there’s only so many names I can remember.

New Montreal people; all of you guys should come to T7

You’ll note I left out Prez because he’s a dirty Empire traitor.

theres a gathering at sandman’s place?? Did I miss sumthin??
hola at me on msn

I got a call this morning from my cousin he said that he was in town so I will be spending the day with him and my sis so im moving the gathering/tourney to next saturday.


$100 richer

It’s cool, Sandman, I don’t think we would have a lot of participants today

I play an average of two-four 3rdStrike games per year, you wanna play against me first round next Saturday?

:rofl: :rofl:
Anyways Justin, you have to remove JFL and Julien and replace them with SuperAssRider and Sandman. We’re still not sure about Sam, Seb and John.

and sorry Curt, it should be RICAAARDOO!! that goaly is a freakin spider

Dont know if ill have weekend off next week,but i dont give a fuck about winning or losing,losing make you think,winning make you win.In both case ill try my best to come and learn.

Please call me Raphael :rofl:

dude jfl is coming…

nadir your predictions are all wrong

:sad: :sad: gg Brazil :sad:

at least my prediction for the first semi-final teams was good. Keep in mind that I thought about these predications before the world cup started.

JFL will really make it? is he gonna carry the Canadian flag? :rofl:

I have no idea what you mean, but it should be fun, especially since I care so much about 3S :rofl: :rofl:

i have no idea what i meant too :rofl:

[quote=Nagata Lock II]

New Montreal people; all of you guys should come to T7

yea that would be great to come to support u guys and montreal of course, but things arent just right this year, next year lets all go ! and hopefully we’ll learn lots from u guys in order to participate for next year

i feel like going to T7 (for the Super Turbo tourney) but i don’t wanna ride alone

does anyone have an extra seat in their car or does anyone wanna organize a carpool (we can rent a car or something)

well since no one knows who i am, i play dhalsim on the hyper street fighter machine at Mira from time to time, you might have seen me before

Prolly seen you before,ur asian right?

im curious,how much cost a trip to T7?

Brazil got owned, just like rene will get owned at t7.

I wont get own if i dont play any games bitch. OH IN UR ASS BITCH!

yeah man, but aren’t 90% of the people who go to Mira asian hehe?
i always got a baseball cap on

Ruffles4Edge: shouldn’t be too expensive, just gotta pay for transportation, food, and tournament entree fees and maybe hotel fees too

Yeah,I think i saw you play with ur sim. You’re good. I’ve never seen someone beat the game so easily before without guile :rofl: .
No but seriously I’ve never seen you before and to see someone play very well I was about to challenge but had no cash =/

someone tell me around 300$.

its like paying 300$ for get own,but its a step foward to victory…

Mao,Veasna or someone,can you tell me aprox. how much a trip to T7 will cost me? i have to pay for each tournament game i wish to enter right? wich game are played this years?

PS: i know my english suck :sweat: