Montreal July Thread



Happy Canada Day

:confused: :sweat: Did Montreal get beasted on by Ottawa? Geeeeeez :sweat: :confused:

we got beasted. Freddy stole all our money.

Thanks to the whole mtlsf crew for coming down. nice to see all of you guys again. hope everyone had fun. ottawa seriously needs the comp. I didn’t get any casual games in, but hopefully that will happen at t8.

with T8 coming soon, and pre-registeration simplying the organization of the event, u peeps should post up if you are going to the event.

I know Pts is 100%, and im guessing Prez, Lars, Brian and Henry, but the rest, i dunno

Wish I could but who the fuck, that knows how to drive, is going?

ahh u gotta come. T tournies aren’t the same without you…getting owned
lol jk. Jump in their trunk if u have to

once again, Talk Pas Shit Staff crew remain victorious with the help of Loco and The Mask. as much as Ottawa hated their bitter defeat, its was definitely fun to have you guys come. im sure you’ve all enjoyed the tournament, its too bad not all have made it to share the experience that we had that day…im talking to you Henry:lol:, and anyone else who wanted to come. furthermore, PTS’s secret to SUCCESS lies in those masks…either that or im just losing my mind. Prez has proved that it takes one hand to beat Ottawa in a2…and probably in ST. Arcadekid actually threw me off by saying SUCCESS first before i even had the chance to say it, how could this have happened? either way, it was that word that triggered MAD HYPE and brought everyone together, good shit–unexpected, but good shit. as a result, and a good idea from Smokey, im thinking of getting a SUCCESS! shirt for T8 cuz its not enough to just say it anymore, and probably have FAILURE on the back or something. anyways, good games everyone.

dammit you make great sticks Payback, i’ll talk to u once i have the money so i can have make one for me. if only Sandman can read this, i was happy that he enjoyed the place, its too bad he’s not posting anymore. As for Chi-Rithy, i will be going to T8, you better be coming this time.

Happy Canada Day(yesterday):party:

Yo thanks for coming down, sorry I bounced early and unexpectedly, was good to see you guys again.

you guys are failure ggpo

Please, keep giving me your money

Thanks for coming down Mtl. Congrats to Freddy for taking the two big games.
I would’ve definetly stayed to watch but had to head out asap because it was my housemate’s birthday and another’s (Gwai Lo 1/2) girlfriend’s birthday.
How close was the CvS2 finals?

GG’s to Phoun, Veasna, Freddy and Prez. You guys are all great players; it was a treat.

L’ets go see transformer

psycho kid sucks at dota.

Magnetic Hail just dropped by and raped me at MvC2. I feel like a 4 year old girl who accepted candy from a stranger.

Hey moi aussi je veux jouer contre toi
C’est qui psycho kid

Anyone would suck playing with Pit lord with… To crew !

top player

Anyone got a spot in their car for T8?? Magnetic hail?

Edit : Best news ever

OMG. This is amazing. Even for us in Ottawa since we have the Casino du Lac-Leamy 5 minutes away from downtown.

epic fail

who’s going or wants to go to T8, i’d be down to go but i’d rather rent a car and don’t know how much that would cost + hotel fee and etc …

P.S. phoun teach me 3s <3

Hey quelqun veux planifier a aller tokyo lanner prochain ? lol

:dp: >>> Magnetic Hail