Montreal June Thread 2004

Once again, good job at ECC9 Alex & Veasna! Maybe we can hold a tournament at the end of this month?



if there is a tournament by th end of this month, I will attend it. Thats it. I’ll go, and kick all ure asses and then maybe go to evolution with Alex.

Who is down with a third strike challenge today…heard I missed it yesterday.

so I know Phoun is probably gonna answer the call of duty, but the rest(jd,veas,alex) i dunno

dont worry, ill be there at 4pm till i dont know , anyway you are so gonna get your ass kick at 3S, been practicing ken for the last 2 days with Phoun, yo fred you’re going to T5?

Well I’m down for a tournament at the end of the month… Rene you can run it if you want. I haven’t been to Mira in months…

Edit: Veas, there will probably be no T5 because nobody is organizing it. That’s what T.O. said.

good job veas…

You know what I have to say about that, right Fred !! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

what place did veasna and alex (if he joined) get in ggxx?

Im pretty sure i’ll be at 2000 sometime on saturday evening (or late night… )

Skate comp is from 10-5 … after that, I dunno what’s going on. Im not sure if i’ll be skating in montreal, so I might just play video games. Anyone want to show up? I’ll post a definate time when I find out.

hey it was nice to see everyone again… Good job to alex in veasna in cvs2 etc.

Let’s play soccer this friday, JD you in ?

bla bla bla bla bla…

good JOB to vess and …almost good job to ALex!

come to the Edmonton tourney. 5 on 5, we’ll own u, at least 20 - 5.

Arcade kid…!

Yo arcade kid… i won the random hotel tourney damn it haha! I wasn’t in the losers when I beat you, but I was too wasted and went along with it, and played you again anyways ahah! Good shit MTL Veasna and Arcade kid were beasting left right and center at ecc!

just mastermao VS 5 of you… it will be already 20- 0 …

imagine…the worst lolz !
STOOPId alberta shiT!:lame:

It’s my birthday so I’m already booked all day to eat lunch/dinner and hang out with people. I would love to play soccer on Saturday or maybe early next week.


there will be a T5 me and the Cate will do it

anyone else interested for soccer this friday ?

vess, vict, rene, alex, twitch, seb, nadir ?

i will come to end of month tournament if have

post here when sure of tournament ok

not sure yet :confused: do you have any idea about who, from the best skaters, is gonna participate ?

so nadir can you make it on friday ?

cmon guys we need more people please try to come you lazy sons of bitches !