Montreal June Thread 2005

Tony, thanks for your answer on the poker thing. Do you use calculations in your head to determine your odds when you are playing? Oh, and before I forget. We should start playing soccer again, maybe next week?

Mtl SF Scene = DEAD hahaha X.x

pretty much

Gotta come and play at Cote Vertu, there is usualy casual after 4pm.

Just because we don’t go to 2000 that it’s dead fools
Anyways, the summer has just started we have better things to do. It’ll prolly pick up again around T6

No I meant more like the threads muwhaha
But anyways yeah ur right summer has just started,I dont even go to 2000 anyways summer time is too good to waste it in an arcade

@John : I know that lol but I fucking hate Mira sticks so there is no way Im gonna go give free money to the owner :stuck_out_tongue: but I was plannin on passin by one of these days more to chill then play though no way Im playing more then 4 -5 games on those sticks

Bien dit, Pada Wan !! :tup:

Yo guys chek this site out…ITS MOrtal Kombat VS STF!!!

click on the WATch THIS movie NOW!

LOL that fight is actually cool

@Magnetic Hail
Dude sorry man but we wont be able to go to Hirens for casual play toorrow he found a job o_O Surprisin eh? XD Anyways come to 2000 or mybe Ill go to Mira blah Ill be at 2000 tomorrow night mybe we can hit a random bar or sumthing


The sticks are fine man. The sticks are way too loose at 2000. Everybody says the sticks work great at Mira. Are you talking about the old sticks, or the new ones?

Ill be at 2000 tomroow night @ 9 - 10 like usual . Hail you coming ? Brian shall we drink :tup:

booo nadia and stef work fridays j’ai rien d’autre a faire except job hunting :sad: although i think i got one at zellers coz of indian friend and two flip girls putting good word for me :confused: and blah i unno bout 2000 last time i went (john 15+ winnin streak :nunchuck: +casual film footage :pray:) i just sucked even more :x but beautifull weather outside lately (today was unbearably hot o.o) and it be fun to just be out et la tu me dis hiren a poinger un job , i think i’ma just work at kfc for the summer -.-’ in any case appelle moi…

and yes i have footage of john beasting on random 2000 scrubs +shao but i dunno how to make file format smaller and it only runs on quicktime, but i did show it to stiltman another blackheart player and he give me advice on beasting him >.> but it won’t change a thing coz i’m master choker >.>

c’est l’ete and i wish everyone fun times ^.^ and safe trip to those travelling overseas for vacation !

Magnetic Hail:

Actually, it was a 25 game win streak, but who’s counting. When did you show the footage to Stiltman? I’m not very proud. I didn’t play very well. I would rather he have seen the footage from the last tournament when Toronto came down(whenever it comes in). I have seen the footage of his BH from his last tournament, he’s not bad, but I don’t think his BH is better than mine. Anyways, what did he tell you?

Exactly Im use to the sticks beeing loose and I also play a lot on Jap Stick so when I play at Mira I cant even do a stupid QCB :mad: I liked the old sticks they had I use to play perfeclty on them

@Magnetic Hail Well I dont really feel like going to 2000 either its friday and shit if u wanna do something call me man. Might pass by Mira if no one is down for anything around 4:30 mostly to watch…unless the sticks have somehow changed and I can tri jump and fly unfly at will


he didn’t have much to say about your play except two things, he wondering why you didn’t DHC into sent after hitting someone with blackheart’s super for the kill and sometimes ur sent seemed lost in what to do other then that, mostly advice on how to handle blackheart in general/blocking tips for me lol


faut que je passe a l’ecole to drop my essay -.-’ in a couple of minutes ,afterwards i’ll just be walking around with mhamed je pense o.O and xtine si il veut donc juste appelle moi if something is up ^.^

Ill be at 2000 between 7 and 8 I have no idea if my mom will make it in time bcuz she ahsnt called so i might be there at 8 -_-

ure all cows

Ferme lah chameau…OHHHH ;o


for cash games yes… it’s basically gambling and mind games but once you know you need to hit a certain draw to win the hand you have to compare the odds of hitting your hand with the odds you’re paying for and determine if it’s worth it.

Yeah lets play soccer maybe next saturday or anytime this week. You go ahead and organize it since most of my friends are gone so most people will be on your side.