Montreal June Thread 2005

poor tony hahah dont cry niggaz…im on your side and am all ins with yaaaa aiteee! peace out gee!! know am saying! :encore:

How bout soccer then a mini tourney at 2k+ for good old time…
How ut it…whos interested.

Sounds good to me. 1$ entry fee winner take all?

I’m down too

here comes Prez…

Ohhh a tourney sounds cool I might enter 3s since its 1$

k im down for a tournament.

so it’s settled then… Outrun 2 tournament this saturday !!

hmm id like to enter those 2 tourneys for 3s

so to enter the tournament you have to play soccer for at least 2 hours, head to wokcafe and eat General-Tao, then go to 2000+ and pay 1$ entry fee, right?

3S/CvS2/Outrun 2 tournaments. I’m all in!

How does Saturday sound for everyone?

Everything will be played at 2k+ right? Saturday sounds great to me

Cool! What time? No mvc2 =( Blaaahhh Whocares nobody wouyld enter anyways XD Ill prolly come for casuals and fun

Well I would suggest playing soccer around 2-3pm and then heading to the arcade around 6-7pm. Tournament shouldn’t last long so I think that time is good.

Tony? Rene? What do you say…?

I might come just to say hi, but good luck playing soccer at 2-3pm in this hot wheather :stuck_out_tongue:

Come have a good sweat, it will be good for you. :tup:

yeah saturday is good for me… name the place and time and I’ll try to a few people… heero showed interest too, but if he does roll cancel bicycles all day I’m not playing.

to anyone who has been to 2000+ recently, has outrun 2 SP arrived there yet ? I saw it at guzzo

haha, bah at least he still hasnt learned the 3s glitch that works only against Louis.

Fred t mort ou quoi on voit plus a CV t toujours au centre ville ou quoi?

ben je suis revenu de England hier soir.

Mais aussi mon pere a vendu le cafe, so I dont go there no more.

The First Tourney After 190782387341171623 Days In Montreal City.
Let the show begin…We can also have a “who gets the most dvds from that thingy arcade” Tourney,Ill win but you know…you guys can prolly get lucky and beat me which I dont think will happen.
Be there or never show up ever again in the mtlsf community!..and i mean it.