Montreal June Thread


June is finnaly here, a lot of nice things are comming up: hot weather, soccer world cup, SFAA, MWC etc

Are you guys gonna play soccer more often?

Sandman / smokey:
when’s the next gathering?




Lars is getting old

Nadir; GTASF isn’t going to MWC



Gathering is friday and will start at around 7h15pm.

Smokey please bring the ECCXI finals.


Lol I hope I remember


roflz JD

Sandman, you can download the entire top32 matches from




Sandman, let me know if I should burn those matches

BTW, I’m not bringing my Tekken stick today


money match anyone in mvc2 tonight if interested, Brian <.< >.> ? Nadir <.< >.> ?

*2/3 5$
*let me use PS2 controller with shortcuts >_>
*you can use wtv you want

either ways, si on viens, just use back door again ?


Money match accepted. Tu peut toujours me donner le 5$ a la place de te faire humilier.




For sale:

2 brand new (FACTORY SEALED) TOSHIBA laptops for 1 500$ each
suggested retail price is 2 200 + tax

anyone interested hit me up


Yo sandman jai oublier mvc2,si tu vien demain peut tu lapporter?

Anyway great gathering…too bad i owned so much that i was getting bored.


His name is Marc.


PFFT!! My funny team John almost gave u a heart attack :rofl:

Magnetic Hail:
We were all waiting in line to collect free money, did you realise you needed more than shortcuts to beat us? lol

Thanks to Veas, Smokey is slowly becoming a top 5 trash talker in MTLSF lol
oh btw, I can’t wait to hear more funny excuses after next tourney.




:party: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARS! :party:

I owe you a Birthday drink at T7 and you owe me one for my birthday tomorrow.


Thanks mang. :bgrin:

Alize Gold Passion for the win.


Happy b-day, best wishes (crack wise :wgrin: )


Here is an interesting article about the PS3 : CLICK ME!! lol

BTW, what are the specs for those laptops? do you have a link?