Montreal March Thread

Everybody happy now?

I like the last part of this thread’s title :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m definitly not going to MIRA this week-end, maybe next Friday/Saturday if the sticks are working well.

Oh shit my name is on a topic!!! /reported

Lol When mvc2 is fixed post it and Ill come

Whaaats …whaaaats…okayyyyy…yaaaaaayy!!!

Happy oui?
mvc marche plus le ptit kik oui??

sest clair , ya rien de nouveau

Yo guyz Im sellin some of my stuff anyways Ill just post em up here if ur interested just leave a message btw Im fucking giving these shits away for extremely low prices

Soul Calibur 3(PS2)- 25$(This costs 50$ used in any store o_o so…)
Resident Evil Code Veronica X (Gamecube) 15$ (I played with this game once I think o.o…)

Street Fighter Controllers Chun-Li and Ken 15$ each (They were like 40$ when i bought them and Ive used them like 5 times XD Still have their boxes and everything)

and finally Im selling Dragon Quest VIII WITH The Official Strategy Guide for 40$!!! This is a fucking give away cuz u wont find this game under 50$ and the Staregy guide is like 30$ and no I am not sellin them separetly and Im not willin to negociate for the price unless u wanna gimme more :stuck_out_tongue:

All my stuff is in very good condition if ur interested we can always meet up at Mira and u can check it out

Smookey are those controllers thw 15th aniversary ones ?

and are they for PS2 ?

Smokey; I’ll buy the Chun Li controller when I’m in town next week. If you do 2 for $25 I’ll buy both.

EDIT: Can anyone recommend a cheap motel/hotel? I doubt we’d actually be in it much so anything above “rat or roach infested” will probably do.

You can stay at Fred’s pl…oh wait, above “rat or roach infested” NVM

im sure Ren could house u guys…but careful, from what people have been telling me, he tends to creep up on people in their sleep, singing lullabys close to their ears. In fact, he can attest to that himself.

ill try to find info for u guys as well on hotels. do u want in the area, or downtown

MAT next week, time goes by so fast! Any predictions?

Edit: Could somebody post Mira’s address?

It’d probably be best to find a hotel within walking distance of MIRA if at all possible. I figure if we need to go clubbing/bar hopping/casino we’ll just drive there anyway but closer arcade the better.

As for predictions:
CvS2: Veasna
MvC2: Jiggabry
3S: JS Master

CvS2 is interesting. There’s so much talent in Montreal that you can never tell who’s going to pull it out. It’ll make for a great tournament if Ian and/or Wing come along to increase the GTASF/TOSF strength in the game.

MvC2: It’ll take a miracle for someone to stop Bryan. In fact, I’d say it’ll take a miracle to keep Gerjay from taking 2nd. I’m willing to bet on Gerjay coming 2nd as well if anyone wants to make it interesting.

3S: Eric’s on a roll. I don’t know what the 3S scene in Montreal is like but I think it’s at least even money.


thats cool

heres mine

cvs2: between me, veas, roger or js…but ill go with me…heard he’s pretty good…unless prez enters…thats the ultimate counter right there
3s: pts, but only if his rage bar doesnt explode.
mvc2: as much as he sucks, Mana-Boy is going to win mvc2…solely cause of his performance in toronto last year…but in all seriousness, jiggabry should win this.

Here are my own predictions:

CvS2: 1 - Veas; 2- Fred
3S: Veas and Fred top2, but I don’t know who’s gonna win
MVC2: no comments :rofl:

Yes they are the 15th anniversary and they are for PS2

Nagata : Cool Ill keep the Chun one and I dont think ill make them 2 for 25 cuz they cost me like 40$ each

Smokey I will buy your ken controller for 15$… tell me next time you’re at mira and I’ll meet you there… I can be there any day mon-fri at 5:20pm so let me know when you’ll be there.

Awesomeness Ill be there friday unless the mvc2 machine isnt repaired yet Ill confirm friday morning if thats ok? or Thursday afternoon

My predictions!!

Cvs2 will be won by Fred

3S I have no fucking idea it should be between Fred Veas and PTS

MVC2- ME !!! :wgrin: or Ren if he’s feeling random

This friday I can’t because I have a dentist appointment but today or tomorrow I can, or next week during the week at 5:30pm…

let me know, thanks

Hmh then I will prolly give it to u at the same time as Nagata I cant travel to mtl much it costs minimum 5$ everytime I come just in bus tickets ;__; its fucking rapin my budget so unless I decide to do a last practice on thursday I dont think Ill be comin to Mira before M.A.T