Montreal March Thread

eric’s on a roll in Toronto not in MONTREAL

u guys are so wrong…!!! Fred or veasna??? wtf!!! I Am BAck man!! i will take this new champ title !!! the legendary mastermao is back For CVS2 !!! I learn a roll cancel roll!!!

:confused: Why’d you erase the challenge for money against Eric? :confused:

co sign on what smokey said, rene or him will win mvc2 or at least place second this year :p, john also will place high assuming he hasn’t retired like he said he was going to . . . in mtl we believe,

on a side note, montreal fookin canadiens traded jose theodore woooo, another patrick roy history repeat this time ? I THINK NOT :stuck_out_tongue:

Care to wager on that? I’ve got $20 that says no Montreal player will take 1st or 2nd place in Marvel singles next week.

Can someone honestly drag Samnang’s sorry ass out to play for 2 days? It’s not like GTASF/TOSF comes into Montreal all the time. We know he’s still got skills even if he’s a bit rusty and a lot of our Marvel players want to take him on. Whoever chills with him tell him to get his shit together and come out.

I predict me to win all 3 games

We don’t really need to drag Samnang, I mean he’ll just be at G-Zone next door… It was fun to watch him during his glory days.

I was surprised to see Kevin doing 100$ heads up’s on Full Tilt… It takes guts to play 100$ or 200$ heads ups but the rewards can be huge. I calculated that Jackson needed only to win 65% of his games to attain his bankroll massif… large cashflow+small edge = $$, ask the casinos.

i predict i wont play!!

oh sorry then!! wanna side bet on me vs js 50-100$ 4 ouf of 7 in 3S?? me and him already have 20$ in

The scene isn’t as strong as before and many old school / top players are either retired or don’t play as much anymore to be as good as they used to.

Oh shit! Someone is using my account! Gotta remember to log out dammit.

You want to bring out a guy who barely plays anymore just so he can be beaten?
Thats like jumping up and down on Christopher Reeve’s grave, then go around telling people u beasted on superman.


Justin, just leave him alone, he has nothing to prove.

Who said anything about anything to prove? I didn’t throw out any money matches or anything. He’s just a very good player (or I guess was) that I know a lot of Marvel players attending would like to play against. No money, no shit talk, just want to play him is all.

Nagata I chill with him sometimes but honestly Samnang’s glory days are over the guy retired and he retired a champion…I seriously don’t believe the dude wants to come and get owned by everyone I mean seriously think about it I know u guyz want ur revenge for T5 but that was almost 2 years ago since then Samnang has barely played some casual matches maybe the guy will come and watch the tourney but play I’d be surprised

OK Samnang’s supporters have a completely different impression of why I’d like to see him play than what I want.

  • I don’t care about T5. T5 was two years ago and long gone.

  • I personally think Jiggabry is the best Marvel player in Canada whether Samnang is active or not.

  • Inactive Sam is probably better than the majority if active players.

  • We (GTASF) aren’t in Montreal more than once or twice per year, so while we’re there it’d be nice to play as many skilled players (active or not) as possible.

I’d be perfectly happy to see Sam play CASUAL before or after the tournament. I think one of Gerjay’s personal highlights last year was playing Sam 3 straight (he lost all 3) in casual play because he just doesn’t get to play him any other time. It’s like playing Prez. He’s inactive but when the T tourney comes around or when we come to Montreal, it’s a rare opportunity to play him. He’s inactive, I’m not, he’s still better though so I like the challenge.

Veasna; if you’ve already got a bet going with Eric then I’m not putting any extra money on it.

Hey Justin, how’s it going? I think everyone in MTL knows that Bry will take Marvel, they just don’t want to admit it. As far as Gerjay taking second I am not completely convinced that will happen. I’m not going to put money on it, because I don’t bet on anything. Just giving my thoughts on it.

Are the mvc2 sticks fixed?

Hey Jonathan, it’ll be good to see you again bud. I hope the family is well. :tup:

Try to make it out for the team tournament. Do you know if your schedule will allow for it?

They weren’t yesterday.