MonTreal March Thread

POst ur shit up in there

Rene is a Nigga!

i just want say i want play for money with people at tournament …

thebone is going to peace everyone out ok ??

me i come to saturday to tourney to bit everyone and be number one


OMFG… now we have “2” nolifeboy, or it is the same nerd with split personnality x 2 ??? … is Style a real nigga ???:bluu:

Twitch is a dumb scrub.


they are the same to me… lol

no matter who they are …i will own them fo free!:lol:

Manaboy suce for free

Twitch likes to choke on cum.

Oki guys ima go see Louis today and see if the tourney will happen or not cuz i asked hiom to beg the boss.

Manaboy is my bitch

Well, I hope the only machine that is broken is GGXX…

3S/CvS2 are still going to happen, oh and… Tournament STARTS at 5PM, so show up around 4:30PM for sign-ups.

Yes noobcake thats what I was talking about.GGXX

ggxx will be held in my house…10$ entryff fees

5$ from each entry fees go to me…since is my place deal???

yo vic ses vrai boa va etre dans harry potter:eek:

fo real…?? would be cool:eek:

me i will play in rush hour 4 jackie chan n jackie mao:eek:

moi aussi moi jou dans lord of Rings.mais moi pas roi.samedii moi etre le Roi

care…??? HEll NO!

wow where’s prez??

Playing Socom

not sure for now !!!

it can be a rumor!!:bluu:

hope so!!!